Deep Water

Specific Challenge

Set isolation packer, perform negative test, install and remove wear-bushing


Gulf of Mexico



  • Set isolation packer
  • Perform negative test
  • Install and remove wear-bushing insert in a single trip


  • Single-trip integrated solution to set an EZ Drill® SVB squeeze packer
  • Perform a negative test using an CleanWell® Inflow Tech® test packer
  • Install and remove a wear-bushing insert


  • Successfully performed all three applications in one trip
  • Established record for deepest setting of CleanWell Inflow Tech test packer at 26,947 feet
  • Achieved highest pressure on record in the Gulf of Mexico at 6,585 psi
  • Saved the operator 36 hours of rig time and $1.8 million


A major operator challenged Halliburton to design and execute a single-trip solution to set an isolation packer, perform a negative test, and install and remove a wear-bushing insert. The resulting Halliburton integrated solution was run successfully, saving the operator 36 hours of rig time and $1.8 million. In addition, two records were established during the operation.


Halliburton was tasked with developing a single-trip solution to set an EZ Drill SVB (sliding valve brass) squeeze packer and perform a negative test from 13 to 9 ppg of mud equivalent using the CleanWell Inflow Tech® test packer. Additionally, Halliburton needed to install a wear-bushing insert while running the operation in hole. When pulling out of the hole, the wear-bushing insert would need to be removed and the setting area jetted. Performing all three applications in one run would be challenging, but the result would help save the operator costly rig time.


The proposed integrated solution to set the EZ Drill SVB packer and perform a negative test using the CleanWell Inflow Tech test packer incorporated lessons learned from previous attempts, and a cleanout trip was completed before setting the two packers.

Premium EZ Drill SVB packers are ISO 14310 V0-rated tools manufactured with brass and cast-iron components that allow operators to control flow and pressure differentials in either direction. They are ideal for use in cement squeeze applications or for abandonment. During this application, the EZ Drill SVB packer was set at 28,322 feet with 15,000 pounds applied, and an integrity test was performed by pressuring up against the packer to 5,560 psi.

The CleanWell Inflow Tech test packer is designed to perform isolated negative tests on downhole liner tops to help ensure that the change from a heavier fluid to a lighter completion fluid will be compatible with the wellbore. The CleanWell Inflow Tech test packer was set at 26,947 feet and the liner was successfully tested to 6,585 psi. After completing the negative test, a jetting tool was used to flush the wellhead and the blowout preventer (BOP) stack area.

The team successfully set the EZ Drill SVB packer, completed the negative test, and installed and removed the wear-bushing insert. All equipment functioned as designed.


applications in one run


ft setting record


hours of saved rig time


million saved


Two records in 2015 resulted from this job: a record for the deepest deployed CleanWell Inflow Tech test packer at 26,947 feet and a Gulf of Mexico record for the highest negative test pressure at 6,585 psi. By combining an integrated solution and using a risk analysis matrix, Halliburton was able to mitigate potential severe risks and produce a safe and successful run.

The simple weight-set application of the CleanWell Inflow Tech test packer allows for placement anywhere in the string, thus promoting use of the packer in special applications. The single-trip operation saved the operator approximately 36 hours of rig time, equivalent to $1.8 million, maximizing asset value.

EZ Drill SVB squeeze packer

Equipped with a rugged brass mandrel, the packer can absorb greater tensile and impact loads.

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Inflow Tech test packer

The Inflow Tech test packer is equipped to promote quick trip speeds with generous bypass area under the packer element.

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