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Multi-skilled work team to provide integrated completions services

Region - North Sea Region - North Sea

United Kingdom

Region - North Sea


  • Multi-skilled work team to provide integrated completions services
  • Systematically reduce the number of offshore personnel to lower overall project costs
  • Introduce new service line to operator, while ensuring service excellence


  • Trained offshore and onshore personnel on CleanWell® technology to improve team flexibility
  • Collaborated with other locations to expose offshore crew to new equipment 
  • Deployed a team of dedicated personnel committed to service quality and delivery to give the client a high-level of confidence


  • Delivered flawless execution
  • Improved resource allocation
  • Maximized operational efficiencies and effectiveness


Halliburton was engaged by an operator in the North Sea to deliver an integrated solution for their upper and lower completions and their wellbore cleanup operations. The challenge was to come up with an integrated offering with higher-value outcomes, while lowering the overall project cost. With the operator’s goals in mind, Halliburton planned to achieve those objectives by utilizing a cross-functional workforce. To reduce the number of personnel on location, Halliburton cross-trained an experienced fleet of engineers in the planning phase and subsequently allocated the team to its offshore operations. During the training, the engineers were exposed to successful operations of similar equipment in other regions. This enabled the crew to replicate their learnings, and ultimately led to a flawless project execution.


Traditionally, lower completion, wellbore cleanup and upper completion operations required that three separate disciplines of engineers attend the job site to perform these services. Cross training a dedicated team within a short period of time to ensure that the crew was fully competent, while maintaining superior service quality during job execution would require extensive planning and attention to detail.


Recognizing the importance of establishing customer confidence in our personnel, planning, and execution, Halliburton displayed a strong commitment at the onset by rigorously training local onshore and offshore personnel. The training involved exposing its fleet of engineers to real-world scenarios in the region to better prepare them should the event occur during operations. To ensure a successful execution, the location also actively engaged global product service line support to assist in the training and job planning of the initial operations.


disciplines, cross-trained


services completed by cross-trained engineers

9 mos

well completion


In a 9-month period, the United Kingdom team delivered the well to the client using multi-skilled personnel. The operations team successfully executed the completion of a well and performed services including well intervention, service tools, lower completions, upper completions and wellbore cleanup operations both onshore and offshore. The multi-skilled crew led to a reduction of personnel-on-board (POB), saving cost associated with specialized engineers. 

Halliburton Completion Tools provided an engineered solution to the operator, helping them successfully achieve their goals, while lowering the overall project cost. In this, Halliburton effectively employed a more flexible workforce, able to perform activities across several product offerings at the highest standard. Halliburton outperformed its peers and executed the job effectively. 

Wellbore Cleaning Technology

CleanWell systems help reduce mechanical risk, promote rig time savings, and allow both technical and operational efficiencies. 

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Halliburton's CleanWell wellbore cleaning technology
Halliburton's CleanWell wellbore cleaning technology

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