Deep Water

Specific Challenge

Run Drill Tech casing scrapers, reducing operations to one run


Offshore Azerbaijan



  • Enable an operator to reduce its operations to only one trip in hole, and to save time on preparing wellbores for gravel-pack operations


  • CleanWell® Drill Tech® scrapers in the drilling BHA to reduce trips in the hole 


  • In first well, successfully drilled 81 meters (266 feet) of open hole without any issues 
  • In second well, successfully drilled 341 meters (1,119 feet) of open hole without any issues 
  • Saved two days of rig time, valued at approximately $850,000


Halliburton was working with a major operator on a new trial well offshore Azerbaijan in order to prepare the wellbore for gravel-pack operations.

Halliburton recognized an opportunity to help the operator reduce its operations to only one trip in hole by simply including CleanWell Drill Tech scrapers in the drilling bottomhole assembly (BHA).

The job was successfully completed and, by combining drilling and wellbore cleanout trips, the operator saved two days of rig time (for an estimated savings of $850,000). The operator quickly recognized that this job was a game changer that challenged standard wellbore cleanout philosophies and procedures done over the years in this location. It also validated the Drill Tech scraper’s capabilities, and the operator asked Halliburton to increase the 9 5/8-in. Drill Tech scraper inventory to cope with future job scope.


The operator in Azerbaijan wanted to find a way to reduce the time it usually takes to prepare a wellbore for gravel-pack operations. Normally, the operator would start with a bottomhole assembly (BHA) to drill an open hole (generally between 80–350 meters/262–1,148 feet), then it would use a separate string to prepare the packer setting areas and condition the mud for the gravel pack.

Since the operator had never tried drilling an open hole with scrapers inside the tool string, it was hesitant in accepting that the Halliburton Drill Tech scrapers would be robust enough to be used in the drillstring. The operator was especially hesitant due to a past experience with another service company whose equipment had been unsuccessful in a similar wellbore.


Halliburton provided an extensive list of case histories proving that the Drill Tech scrapers were in fact able to meet the challenges of the wellbore. Additionally, the local Halliburton team set up a call for the operator to discuss the case histories with the other operators around the globe who were using the tool in such applications. After working closely with the operator and providing supporting information to validate our proposal, the operator decided to go ahead with running Drill Tech casing scrapers in its trial well.


hours of rig-time savings




The drilling BHA with Drill Tech scrapers was finalized and run in Well No. 1. The operator successfully drilled approximately 222 meters (728 feet): 79 meters (259 feet) of cement, plugs, and a landing collar in tieback section; 62 meters (203 feet) of cement in the liner show track, float collar, and shoe; and 81 meters (266 feet) of open hole.

The Drill Tech scrapers were spaced out to prepare the packer setting area, and to remain inside the 9 5/8-in. casing section when at depth. The drilling fluid was conditioned as per gravel-pack requirements and, on a subsequent trip, the gravel-pack packer was successfully set the first time.

On the back of this job’s success, the operator’s completions team decided to promote CleanWell Drill Tech casing scrapers internally, encouraging the operations team to review this advanced solution.

The technical advisor covering the CleanWell technology project with the operator noted that “working with the customer on a daily basis, great technical support from the technology team, and local commitment to service quality excellence, gained the operator’s trust in CleanWell technology.”

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