Solids control built for high-flow pumps

Easily interchangeable, modular pump intake design with screened housing protects against small-sized solids and debris. Optimized inflow geometry reduces pressure drop for increased energy savings and further mitigates the development of scale and casing erosion around the pump inlet.

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GeoESP Intake system with hole pattern

Optimizing well construction

The GeoESP Intake system, designed for use with electric submersible pumps (ESP), leverages Halliburton Completion Tools’ sand screen technology. It offers tandem connections to boost intake rates while minimizing pressure drop at the pump inlet.

Real-time decision-making allows operators to choose between a standard intake and GeoESP Intake based on pull information.

Effortless maintenance ensures minimal downtime by allowing easy flushing from above through the riser. This innovative solution enhances well construction optimization for geothermal applications.

Saves power costs and delivers flexibility

Designed for use with ESPs, the GeoESP Intake operates with significantly lower power consumption, resulting in cost savings and enhanced operational flexibility.

In high-flow geothermal applications (>50 K BPD - 92 L/s), the intake can reduce pressure drops across the inlet by over 30%. This reduction translates to substantial cost savings and contributes to a reduced carbon footprint.

The intake is highly versatile and can be customized to accommodate multiple equipment flanges. This adaptability allows seamless integration with various pumps and seals, addressing diverse production challenges. Overall, the GeoESP Intake represents an efficient and eco-friendly solution for any geothermal application.

designed specifically for geothermal applications

Elevating efficiency and reliability

  • Modular design ensures easy installation
  • Maximal pump protection against solids and debris
  • Minimal internal pressure drop results in power savings and reduced scale deposition
  • Perforated modular housing(s) with customizable wire wrap screens
  • DuraHard® 3 coating minimizes scale formation and pump plugging
  • Housing made of sturdy and corrosion-resistant stainless steel
  • Bolts in place of a standard intake

GeoESP® Intake system tool model
GeoESP Intake built for high-flow pumps

Pressure drops across the inlet in some cases


Larger inflow rate


bfpd (185 l/s) inflow per section

Geothermal pumping system solutions

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Tiger Shark® electric submersible pumps

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DuraHard® Coatings

DuraHard® Coatings

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