Long run life, extended operating range in harsh environments

Tiger Shark® pumps adapt to changing well production, improving operating range and run life. They are designed for maximum flexibility in conventional, unconventional, and gassy wells while addressing extremely abrasive deep wells with high discharge pressure.

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our pumps are Built to Last

Tiger Shark 400 Series Pumps

Tiger Shark pumps exemplify robust engineering, setting the standard for reliability and longevity.

Our pumps have consistently exceeded expectations, proving our unwavering commitment to quality and service and enhance production efficiency.

Tiger Shark pumps are a reliable pump for maximizing well productivity and optimizing production.

Recent technological advancements address challenges in both conventional and unconventional wells, including the need to pump significant amounts of abrasive material and handle fluids that exceed normal pressure operating limits.

  • Enhanced bolt design increases allowable discharge pressure up to 6,200 psi and allows for a 33% increase in pull rating, reflecting an advancement in assembly efficiency
  • Improved threaded connections eliminate the need for welding or collaring, ensuring higher reliability in deep wells and increasing the allowable discharge pressure
  • Abrasion-resistant overlap (ARO) bearings provide extend run life in highly abrasive environments and guard against cutting the key and  shaft*
  • XRange® Xtreme (XRX) advanced bearing system offers upthrust protection, enabling a wider operating range*

    * Application-specific option

Closeup of Tiger Shark III electric submersible pump


ESP Run Life Tripled with Tiger Shark Abrasion-Resistant Bearings

Abrasion protection in deep, high-pressure, and highly abrasive well saves operator over $150,000 in operating expense.

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a testament to robust engineering

Tiger Shark Pumps

Summit ESPs Tiger Shark pumps are our go-to choice for reliability and longevity in the field. They consistently outperform and outlast, making them an ESP industry favorite.

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High-performance pumps

Tiger Shark pumps are highly dependable, enhancing performance in deeper wells where higher discharge pressure normally occurs. These specialized advancements have resulted in first-rate pump performance in extremely abrasive and high-pressure wells.

Specialty coatings protect pumps from harsh downhole conditions common in unconventional wells, while our novel intake adds further protection from formation fines and frac sand.

Features and benefits

  • Dual sealing system with back up rings designed for deep, high-pressure wells
  • Top snap trap sleeve interlocks shaft and snap ring to provide secondary retention in the running position
  • Exclusive Erosion Buster® technology provides abrasion resistance to the diffusers and pumps housing
  • Enhanced and highly reliable abrasion-resistant flange sleeve module design improves run life and increases uptime performance
  • Abrasion-resistant RingLock high thermal expansion material (HTEM) bearing system is standard on all 400 series pumps, and this exclusive HTEM ring provides secondary bushing retention
  • Coating options for stage metallurgy offer reduced corrosion and erosion while providing chemical protection
  • Wide flow range stage designs allow for extended operation in dynamic wells 
  • High-efficiency stages reduce total cost of ownership and operation
Closeup of electric submersible pump diffusers with Erosion Buster design

Case Study: Alaska

Diffusers with Erosion Buster®

A side-by-side comparison with standard pump diffusers show Erosion Buster® design nearly doubles Tiger Shark® II pump run life.

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Tiger Shark pump related products

DuraHard® Coatings

DuraHard® Coatings

DuraHard coatings protect against friction, abrasive, and corrosive conditions, providing longer pump run life.

SpyGlass™ ESP Pump-Sizing Software

SpyGlass™ ESP Pump-Sizing Software

Cloud-based application for designing and assessing electric submersible pump performance.



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