Specific Challenge

Abnormalities in the variable speed drive output, which was not repairable.

Region - Europe Region - Europe


Region - Europe


  • VSD power quality issue detected
  • Replacement equipment lead time estimated at six months
  • No ESP surveillance


  • Optimized downhole performance with GeoController hardware
  • Connect to Intelevate online monitoring platform


  • Reduce cost of replacement equipment
  • Immediate support to thermal plant while MV VSD replaced
  • Intelevate platform online monitoring and real-time performance visibility


A German geothermal well previously operated with two electric submersible pumps (ESPs) was to be replaced with a single, wider operating range GeoESP.  To ensure flawless execution, Summit ESP®, A Halliburton Service, followed critical reasonable procedures before installation, which detected some issues with the surface equipment.


When evaluating the customer’s equipment, our engineer detected abnormalities in the low voltage (LV) variable speed drive (VSD) output, which was not repairable.


The team began redesigning the system to use a medium voltage (MV) variable speed drive (VSD) to handle the 10K KV voltage peaks detected during commissioning. A new system was quoted with a six-month lead time, leaving heating requirements for thousands of Germans at risk. The team proposed a GeoESP® Box Test Container, a plug-and-play surface solution with direct adaptation for different grid voltages throughout Europe for immediate support to the thermal plant while the VSD was replaced. GeoController® hardware offered operators a quick, easy interface for field service. It connected the plant to the Intelevate™ digital platform, providing analysis of real-time test data from a mobile phone and setting “smart” alarms for testing operations.


The rapid deployment of the GeoESP® Box Test Container allowed the customer options in case of surface equipment failure, keeping production online instead of the estimated six months of downtime at an estimated cost of at least €1.5MM in lost production/downtime and workover and equipment costs.


Saved by operator

6 mo

Downtime saved


Well now being monitored


Equipment cost to the customer

Multi-technology solutions

Multiple technologies contributed to cost savings

The Intelevate™ Platform

The Intelevate™ Platform

Providing enhanced ESP system optimization and extensive customizable well monitoring to meet all your production needs

Variable Speed Drives

Variable Speed Drives

Summit ESP® variable speed drives (VSD) adjust to changing well conditions and operate with high efficiency in extreme environments


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