Oil Mud Reservoir Imager (OMRI™) Tool

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Oil Mud Reservoir Imager Tool for oil based mud imaging (OBMI)

Our Oil Mud Reservoir Imager (OMRI™) tool is a microresistivity imaging tool specially developed to work on wells drilled with oil-based mud. The tool generates crisp images of the borehole resistivity with an azimuthal resolution of 0.4 in. and a vertical resolution of 1 in. The tool has six articulated (in two axis) caliper arms. Each pad contains six resistivity sensors, providing a total of 36 microresistivity measurements circumferentially around the borehole.

Resolution beyond the conventional

Its high resolution enables the recognition of features beyond resolution of conventional logs. The OMRI tool can identify permeability barriers, sand attributes, clasts, vugs, thinly laminated beds, and more. As a complement or replacement of whole core, when part of a comprehensive evaluation program, the tool helps to visualize and quantify important reservoir characteristics. These include lithology, porosity, fluid profile, and flow potential.


  • Recognize features beyond resolution of conventional logs, including permeability barriers, sand attributes, clasts, vugs, and more
  • Complement or replace whole core
  • Quantify important reservoir characteristics like lithology, porosity, water saturation, permeability, fluid profile, and flow potential when integrated with other logs and well information
  • Identify thin-bed pay that can’t be seen with conventional logs, particularly in geologically younger, unconsolidated formations
  • Increase success rate in multiwell developments by answering questions about sedimentology, and structural and stratigraphic analyses, which serves to enhance reservoir management decision making
  • Optimize the design of completion programs to be more efficient and cost effective

Oil Mud Reservoir Imager (OMRI™) Tool

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