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When you are looking to isolate producing zones in cased or openhole environments, Halliburton Swellpacker zonal isolation systems offer a simple, proven, and reliable solution. The system can swell up to 200%, sealing the annulus around the pipe, achieving effective zonal isolation while retaining seal integrity. Our engineered elastomers are available in three different types: 

  1. Oil-swelling elastomers that swell when exposed to hydrocarbons.
  2. Water-swelling elastomers that swell when exposed to water. 
  3. Hybrid-swelling elastomers that combine the capabilities of both oil- and water-swelling polymers into a single compound.

Count on our Swellpacker systems to provide you with an additional isolation barrier, helping you reduce well construction and completion costs, save rig time, and minimize operational risks.


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Swellpacker systems increase productivity, save costs

Operator in Latin America saves $3 million by reducing rig time and decreasing completion time by 10 days. 


Swellpacker zonal isolation systems

Enhance well integrity with reliable oil-swelling, water-swelling, and hybrid-swelling solutions.

Swellpacker zonal isolation systems


Swellpacker zonal isolation system

Achieves complete and effective zonal isolation by sealing the annulus around the pipe. Whether oil- or water-swelling, each Swellpacker system is bonded to a base pipe. A cable feed-through version is available, reducing operational risks of failure as well as to allow for faster installation. 


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Swellpacker slip-on isolation system

Simplifies logistics, reduces costs, and achieves effective zonal isolation by conveniently sliding onto any non-upset casing or tubing string. 

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Achieve complete zonal isolation

Halliburton Swellpacker zonal isolation systems are based on the swelling properties of rubber in hydrocarbons, water, or both. Once deployed, the rubber retains its flexibility, holding significant differential pressures while running in hole. Additionally, self-healing properties allow Swellpacker systems to adapt to shifts in the formation over time, thus maintaining seal integrity.  

With no moving parts and no inflation required to seal, Swellpacker systems remove the inherent risks of mechanical and inflatable tools.
With no moving parts and no inflation required to seal, Swellpacker systems remove the inherent risks of mechanical and inflatable tools.

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