Selection and evaluation of CCS storage sites

Although there are many similarities to traditional oil and gas subsurface evaluations, CO2 underground storage as part of a CCS workflow presents some unique challenges. Through our extensive EOR experience and involvement in early CCS project, Halliburton Consulting can provide the insight and expertise necessary to select and analyze the subsurface of a CO2 storage project, managing and minimizing risk and uncertainty.

Capacity, injectivity, containment

The three key questions in a technical and commercial evaluation of a CO2 storage site. Integrated, multidisciplinary studies combined with expert project planning allow Halliburton consultants to address these questions and provide meaningful project advice. Whether through our world-class geomechanics practice, our integrated software solutions, or our knowledge of the movement of CO2 in the subsurface, we provide the range of knowledge needed to address the critical uncertainties in a CO2 storage project.

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The Importance of Reservoir Heterogeneity

At each stage of the CO2 storage lifecycle, a model of the subsurface is required to understand critical factors such as seal and site capacity, plume migration and distribution, seal, and baffle capacity.

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Evaluating risk

The data available for a subsurface storage site can be of variable quality and coverage. We apply the latest techniques to integrate and analyze data, helping to build a picture of project risk and inform decisions for project progression. Using the latest technology, we design and engineer projects for success, maximizing performance while mitigating risks.



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