Formation Evaluation Webinar Series

This webinar series keeps you up to date on the latest formation evaluation technologies for a better understanding of the subsurface.

Interact online with our highly specialized multidisciplinary team of geoscientific experts for an open conversation on how to derive new petrophysical and geological insights for better commercial decision-making within your completion time frame.

On-demand Webinars

Enhanced Porosity and Organic Content Understanding through Digital Rock Analysis with Ingrain Services

A combination of physical laboratory analysis and digital rock analysis (DRA) tests were conducted on plug samples from two wells in the Delaware Basin. The samples tested were taken from the Second Bone Spring (2BSPG) and Wolfcamp A (WCA) formations. The purpose of these tests was first to improve overall reservoir characterization and evaluation. The second purpose and subject of this presentation was to compare and contrast data on porosity, total organic content (TOC), and mineralogy from traditional physical laboratory experiments and from DRA methods.

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Automatic Stage and Perforation Placement through FracInsight® Service and Cuttings Analysis

Engineered completions rely on continuous petrophysical and mechanical properties data along the lateral. Due to cost constraints, however, most lateral data is limited to LWD gamma ray, survey data, and mud logging. Additionally, fewer vertical science wells are being drilled.

Within this environment, several options exist for data acquisition. The industry has examined cased-hole pulsed-neutron logging, drilling data, vibrational data while drilling, projected vertical well logs, and so on. However, this presents a challenge to establishing correct practices for interpreting and calibrating these nontraditional techniques to petrophysical properties.

To answer these challenges, Halliburton has developed a cost-effective cuttings analysis workflow combined with the FracInsight® service to provide an automated fracture-stage and cluster placement method. This webinar presents an example of this workflow that was performed in the Anadarko Basin in the midcontinent area of the United States.

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Ingrain Services: Optimize Rotary Sidewall Core Selection and Analysis through Enhanced Petrophysical Cluster Analysis and Sample Screening

The CoreInsight™ service provides a customizable cost-optimized core analysis roadmap solution that integrates CorePoint service to provide facies identification for representative sample selection, and Ingrain® laboratories rock and fluid analysis to address the modern challenges of reservoir characterization.

The webinar will display an early application of the CoreInsight solution for a client in the Permian basin. In this particular application, the CorePoint service provided a sample recommendation that expanded the client's initial selection to capture variations across each of the identified electrofacies, leading to improved representative coverage. Following extraction, all samples were rapidly screened with the PlugHD® service to capture the degree of fine-scale heterogeneity, which served as a roadmap for subsequent digital and physical analysis and provided the client team with actionable results in days. 

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