Wireline-Conveyed Armada® Fluid Sampling Tool (FST)

Targeted single-phase downhole sampling of your production

Wireline-Conveyed Amarda Fluid Sampling Tool

Production fluid analysis is needed to determine physical and chemical properties that affect recovery rates, economics, and flow assurance during the life cycle of the well. Simply taking your sample from surface will give only a partial picture. Our wireline-conveyed Armada® Fluid Sampling Tool (FST) collects single-phase (PVT quality) samples downhole, directly in front of your target reservoir.

Complete the picture by combining with your PL string

The Armada FST can be run in combination with production logging sensors. This allows for a real-time understanding of downhole conditions prior to activating electronic triggers for on-demand sampling. This information can be used for multiple insights into flow assurance challenges to maximize production.

Innovative large-volume PVT sampling

The pressure-compensated sampling tanks have a large 400-cm3 fluid chamber. For typical needs, this is more than adequate for quality fluid analysis. Two large samples can be collected per trip in the hole. The Armada FST uses a positive displacement sample chamber and a nitrogen pressure-compensation system. Together, they ensure the collected fluid maintains phase during recovery, and the system performs with minimal effects to ongoing production.


  • Analyzing basic fluid composition to improve reservoir simulation
  • Identify fluid behavior for waxes, asphaltenes, and hydrates
  • Reduce fluid sampling risk in development wells
  • Enhance well performance
  • Clearly define your individual production sources
  • Production management

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