Economical wireline tractor offers unmatched performance 

The ClearTrac™ tractor service is the most advanced wireline conveyance technology on the market for highly deviated or horizontal wells requiring cased-hole logging diagnostic, perforating, and powered mechanical intervention services. It uses an innovative electromechanical drive and real-time telemetry for communication and precise control to deliver unmatched performance compared to pipe-conveyed solutions:

  • Achieves speeds from 5 to 125 ft per minute
  • Carries pay loads up to 1,000 lb with a single drive section
  • Provides an economical conveyance solution that acquires data in both up and down passes, which increases efficiency and reduces the potential for HSE incidents


Operator gains significant rig time savings with ClearTrac service

Learn about how one customer saved rig time with the ClearTrac™ tractor servcie to perform a shale barrier evaluation across a highly deviated (72°) section of 9 5∕8-inch casing to determine P&A requirements.

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6-arm RELAY Tractor System
6-arm RELAY Tractor System
4-arm RELAY Tractor System
4-arm RELAY Tractor System

Maximum tractor force


Variable tractor speeds from 5 to 125 ft/min


PSI rated


Maximum temperature


  • Advanced electro-mechanical drive for improved efficiency and performance
  • Real-time communication and control while tractoring, including downhole tension, collar locator, wheel speed, wheel torque, inclination, and relative bearing
  • Downhole tractor force up to 2000 lbs with in-situ force measurements 
  • Tractoring speeds up to 125 ft/min
  • Reliable conveyance up to 350°F and 25,000 psi
  • GripPro active torque-balanced traction control to each wheel to maximize force and minimize wheel slip
  • Bi-directional forward and reverse capabilities
  • On-command, surface-controlled arm pair open and close
  • API RP67 Compliant 


  • No need to change oil for different downhole temperatures
  • Quick-change wheels
  • Navigate tortuous wellbore geometries or extended-reach wells with multi-drive and tandem capability
  • Supports all cased hole well intervention services
  • Portable, truck, or skid mounted operation 

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