Formation Evaluation Behind Casing

Pulsed-Neutron Logging

Pulsed-neutron technology is a vital tool for engineers and petrophysicists to find oil and gas reservoirs and manage them more effectively. These measurements give insight into formation and fluid properties of the reservoir and much more. It’s used in openhole and cased-hole environments to provide saturation, porosity, shale, and mineralogy information of the well. Its versatility also extends to water flow detection and gravel pack evaluation.

Optimize production and maximize recovery in mature fields

Our Reservoir Monitor Tool (RMT-3D™) and Thermal Multigate Decay 3-Detector (TMD-3D™) tools are specially designed to accurately measure saturations in new, mature, secondary recovery, enhanced oil recovery projects, and difficult conditions. We give you a true picture of the saturation profile and how your production might be improved. Using three detectors, we have three independent measurements—sigma, carbon-oxygen, and saturation gate (SATG)—to provide water, oil, and gas saturations of the formation. Our proprietary measurements and process produce corrected and accurate water, oil, and gas saturations. Our experts can use this information to help design solutions to improve recovery.

Look beyond the casing 
Going beyond the casing, our latest generation of pulsed-neutron services can provide both elemental yields and mineralogy. The RMT-3D tool generates inelastic and capture elemental yields. These include carbon, oxygen, silicon, calcium, hydrogen, iron, chlorine, sulfur, potassium, and other elemental yields that are important to understanding the formation. Potassium, uranium, and thorium content (KUTh) of the formation can also be measured in the formation.

Chi Modeling® Logging Simulation Software Service
When difficult logging conditions result in missed zones of openhole information, operators can literally "fill in the gaps" with the Chi Modeling® post-processing service.
Reservoir Monitor Tool 3-Detector (RMT-3D™) Tool
Find, analyze, and monitor to increase production. Our 2⅛-in. Reservoir Monitoring Tool 3-Detector (RMT-3D™) pulsed-neutron service solves for water, oil, and gas saturations in reservoirs using three independent measurements of sigma, carbon-oxygen, and saturation gate (SATG). We can uniquely solve your reservoir’s most complex saturation profiles and fluid types—all while eliminating phase-saturation interdependency.
TMD3D™ (Thermal Multigate Decay - 3 Detector) Logging Tool
Thermal Multigate Decay-Lithology provides valuable information about formations, reservoirs, tool operation, and recovery techniques.

Wireline Formation Evaluation

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