DataSphere® LinX® Monitoring Systems

B Annulus Composite The DataSphere® LinX® monitoring system provides real-time in situ formation and well integrity monitoring without the need to halt production. LinX monitoring sensors are permanently placed behind well barriers and communicate through the casing wirelessly, monitoring integrity and formation pressure — without making changes to the drilling program, altering the well design or compromising well integrity.

Not big data — the right data

Too often, operators pay a lot for inaccurate data that is gathered periodically and by halting production. The LinX monitoring system enables you to capture accurate data without halting production. Using permanent, behind-casing sensors and  inductive coupling technology to monitor B or C-Annulus and the reservoir in real time, the LinX system provides continuous data on well integrity and pressures even during injections.

Real-Time Monitoring

  • Well and cement integrity
  • B-Annulus pressure in subsea tension-leg platform wells
  • Overburden pressure regimes
  • Caprock pressure and temperature
  • Injection pressures on the formation
  • In-situ reservoir pressures
  • Pore pressure over the life of the well
  • Barrier integrity between isolated zones

Key Benefits

  • Accurate well and reservoir data
  • Customizable to any well design: single- and multi-zone; intelligent; standard; subsea; dry tree
  • Greater flexibility in vertical tolerance and positioning in the wellbore
  • Real-time barrier and in-situ reservoir status
  • Reservoir and integrity monitoring via pressures and temperatures from caprock to cement
  • No need for periodic integrity tests — reducing cost, risk, and deferred production
  • Less need to compensate for insecurity with costly drilling programs
  • Compatibility with Halliburton ROC™, ROC-X and Opsis® downhole gauges and cable

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