Purposed technology for your reservoir

Tailored to include electric and/or hydraulic continuity for all SmartWell intelligent completion systems and DataSphere® permanent monitoring suite

Benefits for your well application

  • Enables data and control of multi-trip and complex completions 
  • Minimizes risks when compared to wet-mates that need to be oriented
  • Designed with reliability in mind to reduce unnecessary wear 
  • Reduces necessity and cost of a total completion workover



Fuzion products
Fuzion products

Adding multi-trip and workover ability to your SmartWell systems

Fuzion Suite configurations

Tailored to include the required number of electric and/or hydraulic lines for all SmartWell intelligent completion systems, Fuzion suite connectors are available in the following variants:

Fuzion-EH electro-hydraulic

Features a uniques proprietary concentric design to provide both hydraulic and electric connectivity to your SmartWell completion system pre- and post workover. No pins, not orientation, just smart reliability.

Fuzion-E electric

Features the same robust concentric design, providing life of well control of your SmartWell Volta all-electric control system and/or DataSphere® permanent monitoring suite. Downhole data and control that meets the challenges of tomorrow’s completion expectations.

Fuzion-H hydraulic

Facilitates reliable disconnection and reconnection to ensure SmartWell hydraulic system functionality pre- and post workover. Flexible and robust through the life of well, enables safe plug and abandonment (P&A) control line isolation.

Fuzion-L electro-hydraulic/electric

Integrates an ingenious, field-proven inductive coupler design that enables wireless electrical power and communication for electro-hydraulic or electric SmartWell system applications.

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Intelligent Completions

Intelligent Completions

Halliburton SmartWell completion systems allow you to collect, transmit, and analyze completion, production, and reservoir data while also controlling and monitoring selected reservoir zones remotely and in real-time.

Downhole Wet-Mate Connectors

Downhole Wet-Mate Connectors

The Fuzion® suite of wet-mate connectors facilitates removal of the upper completion from the lower completion without using destructive intervention methods.


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