Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Logging Services

Superior technology focused on what’s inside your reservoir’s pore space

Maximize hydrocarbon recovery and reduce uncertainty with our magnetic resonance logging services. We can help you define what’s in your pore space with our magnetic resonance imaging logging technology. This provides the only matrix-independent method of measuring total porosity and partitioning total porosity into oil, gas, and water volumes for production.

Xaminer Magnetic Resonance graphs

Our portfolio of magnetic resonance technologies helps pinpoint the most profitable zones with ease, and is ideal for:

  • Identifying hydrocarbon-bearing zones
  • Defining movable and bound fluid volumes to capture reservoir quality
  • Capturing irreducible water saturation
  • Predicting permeability Defining fluids characterization
  • Identifying hydrocarbon fluid typing – oil, gas, and water
  • Providing pore-size classification
  • Integrating advanced interpretation with other sensors
Xaminer® Magnetic Resonance (XMR™) Service
The Halliburton Xaminer® MR (XMR™) service with its new-generation magnetic resonance (MR) wireline sensor provides full reservoir fluid characterization and formation evaluation.
MRIL®-XL Magnetic Resonance Imaging Logging Service
Our Magnetic Resonance Imaging Logging-XL (MRIL®-XL) service builds upon the highly successful MRIL technology to deliver the same high-quality nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) measurements in a larger borehole range. The most complex and demanding wells now include boreholes of 12¼ to 15 in. Our MRIL-XL service will log wells up to 16 in. in diameter. Even more impressive, the tool’s slim profile also enables logging in wellbores as small as 7⅞ in.
MRIL®-Prime Magnetic Resonance Imaging Logging Service
With an extremely high signal-to-noise ratio, our Magnetic Resonance Imaging Logging-Prime (MRIL®-Prime) service is engineered to look 360 degrees around the borehole. Combining our nine measurement volumes with our advanced acquisition and signal processing methods, all nine measurements can operate continuously and independently. What that means for you—faster logging, no idle time, and all applications accomplished in a single pass.
MRIL®-WD™ Magnetic Resonance Imaging Logging-While-Drilling Sensor
MRIL®-WD™ source-less porosity sensors use the Halliburton-patented lateral-motion-tolerant T1 acquisition method to measure producible fluid volume across a wide range of formation types while drilling, helping you enhance reservoir understanding, place wells accurately, and reduce well time.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Logging Services

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