Formation Reservoir Solutions (FRS) Petrophysics

Service-powered solutions – maximizing the value of your petrophysical measurements

Petrophysical evaluation helps reduce uncertainty and manage risk throughout the life of a reservoir. Hydrocarbon fluid identification, porosity characterization, saturation estimations, and permeability are necessary input data for robust resource estimates. They are also used to formulate a strategy for reservoir development. Our Formation and Reservoir Solutions (FRS) team, along with superior downhole sensor technology, can help you evaluate your reservoirs in the most challenging environments. Our teams are ready to share their global expertise in both clastic and carbonate rocks, as well as conventional and unconventional reservoirs.

Accurately estimate hydrocarbons-in-place, increase net pay

Our TurbiditeXpert™ product enables you to accurately estimate hydrocarbons-in-place in laminated, low resistivity, low contrast reservoirs. You can increase your net-pay estimates several fold, using the comprehensive answer product that incorporates our state-of-the-art logging technologies. We can also incorporate core data, surface logging data, formation and well test data, or any other input into our log-based interpretation software.

We optimize logging programs to improve operational efficiencies and decrease cost by providing solutions for immediate and well-informed decision making. In addition, our teams are available to provide real-time support.

Let us collaborate with you to customize acquisition programs that help guarantee the data and interpretations meet your objectives. Our in-depth understanding of the technology and access to the entire Halliburton technical organization ensure we maximize the value of every single service. Service-Powered Solutions.

ShaleXpertSM Integrated Analysis Solution
Advanced Source Rock Reservoir Analysis Solution. Engineers and geoscientists need petrophysical solutions that will define the most optimum techniques to deliver most shale gas and oil to the market. Halliburton ShaleXpert new integrated analysis solution, based on a calibrated workflow for organic shales, can bring all the pieces together.
TightGasXpert℠ Interpretation Service
Advanced Tight Gas Reservoir Analysis. Since unconventional tight gas sands demonstrate much higher matrix permeability than organic source rocks, a tailored asset solution also exists to both optimize and predict fracture flow performance from these reservoirs.

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