DeepFX™-L Additive

Offshore and deepwater cementing must overcome unique challenges including logistics, shallow water flow and gas migration. DeepFX-L additive is designed to enable logistics efficiencies and to be blended with cementing systems to help address both shallow water flow and gas migration conditions.

Gas migration can occur when the slurry is static after pumping stops. DeepFX-L additive helps control fluid loss from the slurry system for greater stability. Additionally, it enables early gel strength, expediting the time for the slurry to achieve 500 lbf/100 ft2* once pumping has stopped. DeepFX-L additive helps shorten transition time for lightweight cement systems without impacting foam stability and without impacting mechanical properties. This property also helps serve to keep water in situ in shallow water flow situations.  Because it is a liquid additive, it does not require bulk blending, but instead can be mixed into the slurry on the rig during cementing operations.

  • A single additive addresses two challenges: providing fluid-loss control in slurries mixed with salt and/or seawater; and shortens transition times from slurry to solid, helping minimize the gel phase of the cement.
  • Can be used in foamed slurries without impacting foam stability or mechanical properties.
  • Liquid additive that does not require bulk blending.
* A cement system can resist fluid influx upon achieving gel strength of 500 lbf/100 ft2.

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