Defending the wellbore against lost circulation  

The Tuned Defense cement spacer helps operators prevent lost circulation, meet top of cement (TOC) criteria, and avoid cement fallback to eliminate added costs associated with non-productive time (NPT) and remedial cementing. The new spacer is targeted for applications where operators are dealing with permeable or fractured formations, narrow pore pressure/fracture gradient margins, fields with a history of losses, or areas with strict TOC requirements.

2021 World Oil Finalist Tuned® Defense™ E cement spacer is the next-generation Halliburton spacer. Built on the leading performance of the Tuned Defense cement spacer family, the Tuned Defense E cement spacer is differentiated with the added superior capability to help prevent lost circulation while in environmentally sensitive, offshore applications. 


Health, safety, environmental/sustainable development onshore award

Safely pumping a spacer system ahead of the cement slurry provides displacement benefits, and when paired with the Tuned® Defense™ cement spacer, enables prevention of fluid losses into the formation.

Tuned® Defense™ Cement Spacer Systems

Tuned® Defense™ and Tuned® Defense™ E cement spacers prevent lost circulation while optimizing fluid rheology for effective mud displacement.

Tuned® Defense™ Cement Spacer Systems

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Stop lost circulation before it starts

The Tuned Defense cement spacer is an adjustable rheology cement spacer engineered to stop lost circulation during primary cementing before it starts.  The tailored spacer system uses a physicochemical mechanism with carefully selected additives to help prevent lost circulation in porous and fractured formations, while enabling downhole fluid separation, cleaning, and compatibility. Rigorous lab testing verifies the new spacer significantly outperforms conventional spacers in cementing jobs where seepage to partial losses are observed.  In cases where there is risk of severe losses, Tuned Defense spacer can be enhanced with proprietary lost circulation materials to help prevent severe losses and achieve desired top of cement (TOC).

Optimize fluid rheology to improve mud displacement

Because the Tuned Defense spacer is designed to optimize fluid rheology for each well, it helps to improve mud displacement and prepare the wellbore for cement.  Pores up to 500 microns are effectively sealed and fractures up to at least 3000 microns are plugged when tailored with proprietary lost circulation material (LCM).  Formulations are non-damaging to the formation and support operations up to 325°F, with densities up to 19 lb/gal.


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