Delivering dependable barriers with effective mud removal

Tuned Prime cement spacer helps deliver a dependable barrier during cementing by effective mud removal and water-wetting of both casing and formation surfaces. This allows cement to develop a strong bond and hydraulic seal in a well annulus or casing. With Tuned Prime, crystalline silica content is reduced to less than 2 percent and is engineered to help meet the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) respirable crystalline silica permissible exposure limit (PEL) requirement 29 CFR 1910.1053.


Raising the bar in cement spacer performance

  • Tunable rheology and density

  • Improves cement bonding

  • Aids in removal of filter cake

  • Low crystalline silica

  • Can be mixed on the fly



Best Health, Safety, Environment/Sustainable Development, Onshore

Delivering dependable cement barriers through effective mud removal and water-wetting of both casing and formation surfaces. 


Crystalline silica reduction


Effective mud displacement

22 yrs

Industry leading system


Jobs per year

Reduce personnel exposure

Safety is a concern for any operator. Tuned Prime cement spacer contains a natural viscosifier and a non-hazardous scouring agent. With an over 93 percent reduction in crystalline silica content, Tuned Prime improves safety for personnel handling and using cement spacers.  

Benefit from tailored rheology

The viscosifying component of this spacer allows for predictable and efficient tailoring of spacer rheology to meet the fluid system requirements. Tuned Prime cement spacer offers equivalent rheology to conventional cement spacers at standard displacement rates. At lower shear rates, Tuned Prime exhibits a higher shear stress, and at higher shear rates, it exhibits lower shear stress when compared to conventional cement spacers. Tuned Prime uses engineered particulates as scouring agents for more effective filter-cake removal and wellbore cleaning. 

Improve surface and operational efficiencies 

Surface efficiency is improved by rapid yielding of the spacer to the desired rheological properties. Tuned Prime is dry blended with weighting agents in the bulk plant and then shipped to location. For convenience, it can be mixed on the fly or batch mixed with its mix fluid to form the spacer fluid system. Dry surfactants can be added to the dry blend, or liquid surfactants can be added to the fluid system on location. Tuned Prime is flexible in its production, making it a dependable and convenient solution. 


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