Ensures successful placement of the cement slurry across challenging formations 

IsoGuard cement additive works to mitigate annular flow through unset cement by imparting excellent fluid loss control and shortening the transition time of the cement slurry. Compatible with most additive and cement systems, IsoGuard cement additive has a wide range of uses from primary to remedial cementing applications. 


CC (or less) per 30 minutes fluid loss


Minutes (or less) transition time


Fahrenheit effectiveness

Minimize fluid loss to the formation 

IsoGuard cement additive provides excellent fluid loss control of less than 50 cc in 30 minutes. Proper fluid loss control helps to ensure successful placement of the cement slurry across challenging formations – and to also mitigate annular flow through unset cement by reducing the volume of losses created by the loss of filtrate from the cement slurry. 

Shorten transition time of the cement slurry 

After placement, the cement starts to build gel strength until it is no longer transmitting hydrostatic pressure to the annulus below, which often leads to a loss of overbalance pressure. This loss in overbalance pressure leaves the unset cement susceptible to gas and fluid flow through the unset cement. IsoGuard cement additive can help shorten the transition time of the cement slurry to less than 30 minutes, which helps to mitigate the potential for gas or fluid flow through the cement slurry. The rapid gel strength can also help to create effective zonal isolation across challenging formations.

Operationally efficient

IsoGuard cement additive is a dry-blended material that can be efficiently added and blended into the cement design, eliminating the additional equipment and requirements that liquid additives demand. When utilized at the optimum concentration, the IsoGuard cement additive provides many of the same benefits of a liquid latex additive and can be evaluated as a replacement for latex or other liquid additives in certain applications.  


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