Ensures effective plugging of formation fractures at a wide range of fracture widths

BridgeMaker™ II lost circulation material (LCM) is designed to overcome lost circulation while preparing the wellbore to receive cement. These LCMs are an environmentally friendly blend of carefully selected materials. The materials include coarse and tough lost circulation material, fibers, and medium-sized, resilient angular material. When combined with cement spacer systems, such as the Tuned® Defense™ portfolio, Bridgemaker II LCM can further help mitigate moderate to severe losses when cementing across weak, unconsolidated, or fractured formations.


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Environmentally friendly blend with minimal leak-through

BridgeMaker II LCM offers an environmentally-friendly blend of versatile, high-pressure-rated LCM with minimal leak-through potential. The Bridgemaker II LCM solution is versatile enough for all spacer and cementing fluids that feature synergistic components that bridge off tight slots effectively to ensure planned top of cement is achieved. 


  • Mitigate lost circulation during cementing
  • Easily pumped through float equipment
  • Breaks emulsion of oil-based muds to enhance cement bond  

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