Paraffin wax is one of the most common pipeline deposits leading to decreased production and even blockage of oil pipelines. Two widely used remediation approaches include the use of mechanical scrapers and/or solvents. Both of these are not always feasible solutions, particularly for heavily fouled pipelines.  

SureTherm™ thermal cleaning service is a time-delayed exothermic chemical technology that generates heat where it is needed in the pipeline. This proprietary technology allows the self-heating treatment fluid to be delivered accurately for targeted removal of organic deposits.

SureTherm treatment can be applied alone or synergistically with an effective solvent, thereby enhancing the efficiency of both processes. The treatment can be applied while a pipeline is in operation with minimal disruptions to normal production. 



SureTherm™ thermal cleaning service generates heat where it is needed

The key to executing a successful remediation campaign? A carefully deployed combination of diagnostic and chemical solutions.

Read more about SureTherm service in the EIC (Energy Industries Council) article and discover how to improve the integrity and performance of your midstream assets.

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Subsea pipelines showcasing diagnostic and chemical solutions at work.
SureTherm™ thermal cleaning service


  • Effective removal of organic deposits from the pipeline
  • Can also be used for the removal of hydrates
  • Partially or fully blocked pipelines


  • Environmentally friendly constituents
  • No flash point issues
  • Designed to deliver a targeted release of heat
  • Timed reaction delay for accurate placement


  • Significantly improves pipeline throughput
  • No risk of stuck pigs
  • Can be applied online (with production) or offline (pipeline shut down)
  • Delays the re-deposition of asphaltene and paraffin for a longer lasting treatment

Pipeline and process chemical solutions

SureGL™  pipeline gel solutions

SureGL™ pipeline gel solutions

SureGL™ gel systems provide unique solutions for pre-commissioning, flow assurance and decommissioning of pipelines and flowlines.

SureDfend™ protection and inhibition chemistry

SureDfend™ protection and inhibition chemistry

A range of chemicals for the protection of pipeline and process facilities to maximize the integrity of the assets.

SureDscale™ scale removal chemistry

SureDscale™ scale removal chemistry

Fast-acting chemicals that facilitate the rapid and safe dissolution and removal of the primary types of scale encountered in the oil and gas industry.

SureDsolv™  solvent chemistry

SureDsolv™ solvent chemistry

Effective treatment of contaminants within pipelines or process facility equipment.

SureDcon™  hydrocarbon decontamination chemistry

SureDcon™ hydrocarbon decontamination chemistry

Essential for cleansing pipeline and process assets to remove contaminants and hazardous materials to make them safe for break of containment or maintenance work.

SureStart™ precommissioning chemistry 

SureStart™ precommissioning chemistry 

Effective cleaning, testing, drying and preservation for a quick and hassle free start up.


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