SureStart™ precommissioning chemistry offers effective cleaning, testing, drying and preservation for a quick and flawless start-up. These solutions are cost effective, minimizing time on location as well as generated waste.

SureStart™ capabilities:

SureStart™ C is a low-chloride precommissioning cleaning product that provides pickling, neutralization and passivation with only one solvent fill. Its unique properties make it an excellent choice for removing iron oxides or mixtures of iron oxide and copper.

SureStart™ D cleaners provide effective degreasing solutions for the removal of oils, greases and rust preventitive compounds from pipeline and process facilities.

SureStart™ A is a pickling solution offering the ability to dissolve both iron oxides and silicates.

SureStart™ M is a low-chloride process for precommissioning cleaning requirements. It provides degreasing, scale removal, neutralization, and passivation with only one solvent fill. This process offers considerable savings in time, water and waste disposal costs.

SureStart™ P offers low temperature passivation for freshly cleaned or pickled system alloys. The combined treatment removes rust and passivates metal surface at a pH that is close to neutral. It is formulated to assist in the removal of oil for better effectiveness of the passivation treatment.

SureStart™ T single-pack treatments for hydrotest and wet-layup/mothballing applications for pipelines and process piping. These solutions combine an oxygen scavenger and a persistent corrosion inhibitor/biocide to eliminate corrosion and provide effective preservation of assets from hydrotest fluids.


  • Available for pipelines and processes
  • Cleaning, passivation and protection 
  • Chemistry for wet layup and preservation


  • Single fill cleaning processes available
  • Cleaning options for the removal of silicates
  • Test kits for residual product determination
  • Tailored solutions for passivation and degreasing
  • Preservation for extended layups


  • Cleaning and passivation solutions available for remote locations 
  • No heat required minimizing equipment requirements
  • Effective long-term mitigation of oxygen corrosion and microbial activity
  • Single fill cleaning process drastically reduces time on location and waste generated

Pipeline and process chemical solutions

SureGL™  pipeline gel solutions

SureGL™ pipeline gel solutions

SureGL™ gel systems provide unique solutions for pre-commissioning, flow assurance and decommissioning of pipelines and flowlines.

SureDfend™ protection and inhibition chemistry

SureDfend™ protection and inhibition chemistry

A range of chemicals for the protection of pipeline and process facilities to maximize the integrity of the assets.

SureDscale™ scale removal chemistry

SureDscale™ scale removal chemistry

Fast-acting chemicals that facilitate the rapid and safe dissolution and removal of the primary types of scale encountered in the oil and gas industry.

SureDsolv™  solvent chemistry

SureDsolv™ solvent chemistry

Effective treatment of contaminants within pipelines or process facility equipment.

SureDcon™  hydrocarbon decontamination chemistry

SureDcon™ hydrocarbon decontamination chemistry

Essential for cleansing pipeline and process assets to remove contaminants and hazardous materials to make them safe for break of containment or maintenance work.


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