SureDfend™ provides a range of chemicals for the protection of pipeline and process facilities in order to maximize the integrity of the assets. The products offered include biocides, oxygen scavengers, batch corrosion inhibitors, paraffin and asphaltene prevention solutions as well as chemistry to help preserve your asset for long term durations.

SureDfend™ capabilities:

SureDfend™ B contains highly effective biocides used for the control of micro-organisms and iron sulfide in oilfield water systems. This multifunctional performance delivers operational cost reduction and environmental benefits.
SureDfend™ C batch corrosion inhibitors are specially formulated to have excellent film persistency properties to protect the pipe surfaces between treatments.
SureDfend™ H offers water soluble single-pack treatments for wet-layup/mothballing applications. The combination of oxygen scavenger and persistent corrosion inhibitor/biocide eliminates corrosion and provides effective preservation of the anaerobic fluids for extended periods.
SureDfend™ O oxygen scavenger is intended for use in fresh or sea water applications. Removing dissolved oxygen will decrease the corrosion rate and help control fouling caused by the precipitation of iron oxides.
SureDfend™ P inhibitors for paraffin help inhibit the precipitation of paraffin in most crude oils. They work by interrupting or disrupting crystal growth and reducing paraffin deposition and agglomeration.
SureDfend™ T is an inhibitor for asphaltene deposits. It helps control the buildup of asphaltene in pipelines and process facilities. The inhibitor can also be run with a paraffin inhibitor to control both.




  • Effective protection against corrosion and hydrocarbon deposit buildup
  • Protection chemistry for wet layup and preservation


  • Fast acting biocides
  • Persistent film forming inhibitors
  • Compatible with most water sources
  • Test kits available for extending preservation duration


  • High performance corrosion controls
  • Periodic batch treatment application
  • Cost effective prevention treatment to avoid expensive remediation options
  • Long term preservation

Pipeline and process chemical solutions

SureGL™  pipeline gel solutions

SureGL™ pipeline gel solutions

SureGL™ gel systems provide unique solutions for pre-commissioning, flow assurance and decommissioning of pipelines and flowlines.

SureDscale™ scale removal chemistry

SureDscale™ scale removal chemistry

Fast-acting chemicals that facilitate the rapid and safe dissolution and removal of the primary types of scale encountered in the oil and gas industry.

SureDsolv™  solvent chemistry

SureDsolv™ solvent chemistry

Effective treatment of contaminants within pipelines or process facility equipment.

SureDcon™  hydrocarbon decontamination chemistry

SureDcon™ hydrocarbon decontamination chemistry

Essential for cleansing pipeline and process assets to remove contaminants and hazardous materials to make them safe for break of containment or maintenance work.

SureStart™ precommissioning chemistry 

SureStart™ precommissioning chemistry 

Effective cleaning, testing, drying and preservation for a quick and hassle free start up.


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