Decontamination of hydrocarbon and petrochemical equipment is essential for the removal of hazardous materials and gases, such as hydrogen sulfide, benzene, and other volatile materials. The formation of pyrophoric iron is also common within such systems. Reliable decontamination ensures the safety of the process system vessels, piping, as well as the personnel required for efficient maintenance work.

SureDcon™ capabilities:

SureDcon™ D is an effective agent for the decontamination of crude oil processing/refining systems that require cleaning by recirculation methods. The “fastbreak” nature of the chemistry allows for hydrocarbon recovery.

SureDcon™ H is our versatile decontamination chemistry that can be applied as a foaming agent, surface tension reducer, de-oiling of pipelines, solids-suspending agent and for preventing & breaking down emulsions.

SureDcon™ V can be applied to vapor phase decontamination to reduce benzene, contaminant and Total Explosive Limit (TEL) levels to zero. It also helps treat Iron Sulphide by solubilizing it in water to remove it from the system.  

SureDcon™ S acts as a scavenger for H2S and mercaptans for hydrocarbon streams with a proven track record in vapor phase decontamination.

SureDcon™ P non-ionic surfactant is the ideal choice for de-oiling, decommissioning or decontamination of pipelines.


  • Vapor Phase Decontamination
  • Treatment of Pyrophoric Iron
  • Decontamination and de-oiling of pipelines, process, and refinery systems
  • Shut-down and turn-around 


  • Fast-acting chemistry
  • Neutral pH
  • Non-hazardous product
  • Oil and water phases separate rapidly and efficiently
  • Metal based scavenger


  • Reduces equipment downtime
  • Added value from hydrocarbon recovery
  • Easy to transport, store and handle
  • Suitable for high temperature steam decontamination

Pipeline and process chemical solutions

SureGL™  pipeline gel solutions

SureGL™ pipeline gel solutions

SureGL™ gel systems provide unique solutions for pre-commissioning, flow assurance and decommissioning of pipelines and flowlines.

SureDfend™ protection and inhibition chemistry

SureDfend™ protection and inhibition chemistry

A range of chemicals for the protection of pipeline and process facilities to maximize the integrity of the assets.

SureDscale™ scale removal chemistry

SureDscale™ scale removal chemistry

Fast-acting chemicals that facilitate the rapid and safe dissolution and removal of the primary types of scale encountered in the oil and gas industry.

SureDsolv™  solvent chemistry

SureDsolv™ solvent chemistry

Effective treatment of contaminants within pipelines or process facility equipment.

SureStart™ precommissioning chemistry 

SureStart™ precommissioning chemistry 

Effective cleaning, testing, drying and preservation for a quick and hassle free start up.


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