Halliburton provides SureGL™ pipeline gels and viscosified fluid technologies for a variety of challenges. Our specialized formulations reduce gas bypass, lubricate pigs and tool seals, and carry solid debris in suspension. High viscosity gels used for fluid isolation and separation are designed to deform and match their surroundings and can be propelled easily through multi-diameter piping and flow restrictions.

SureGL™ capabilities:

SureGL™ T is the most versatile aqueous gel for pipeline applications. The viscosity of the gel can be tailored to suit the requirement with high static gel strength for pipeline isolation and high debris suspension capacity for pipeline cleaning.

SureGL™ M oil-based gels can be formulated using existing pipeline inventory to prepare the most compatible gel for your line. The polymer free formulation allows for continuous mixing to reduce equipment footprint on site.

SureGL™ H is a poplular choice for aqueous based gels due to its rehealing properties. The gel can be mixed in fresh as well as sea water and can be used for various pipeline cleaning and maintenance operations.

SureGL™ A is a linear gel system that has a debris carrying capacity similar to a crosslinked fluid. It uses a low-residue polymer that provides rapid hydration for easy mixing on site.

SureGL™ X is a residue free, quick hydration hydrogel with excellent debris carrying capacity. The gel requires a small equipment footprint for mixing and pumping and less time on location.  


  • Dewatering
  • Cleaning and debris pick up
  • Sealing
  • Corrosion inhibition
  • Fluid separation 
  • Chemical batching 
  • Isolation
  • De-oiling/Decommissioning
  • Change of service


  • Liquid hydrocarbon gel systems
  • Hygroscopic (glycol-based) liquid gel systems 
  • Aqueous gel systems 
  • Engineered viscosity, from water-thin fluid to semisolid
  • High-stability gel systems 
  • “Timed break” gels 
  • Delayed-set gel systems


  • Minimal or no product contamination 
  • Efficient even at low temperatures
  • Superior debris transportation capability
  • Cost-effective pipeline isolation and sealing system 
  • Effective debris transportation at low velocities 
  • Dramatically improved throughput of partially blocked flowlines

Pipeline and process chemical solutions

SureDfend™ protection and inhibition chemistry

SureDfend™ protection and inhibition chemistry

A range of chemicals for the protection of pipeline and process facilities to maximize the integrity of the assets.

SureDscale™ scale removal chemistry

SureDscale™ scale removal chemistry

Fast-acting chemicals that facilitate the rapid and safe dissolution and removal of the primary types of scale encountered in the oil and gas industry.

SureDsolv™  solvent chemistry

SureDsolv™ solvent chemistry

Effective treatment of contaminants within pipelines or process facility equipment.

SureDcon™  hydrocarbon decontamination chemistry

SureDcon™ hydrocarbon decontamination chemistry

Essential for cleansing pipeline and process assets to remove contaminants and hazardous materials to make them safe for break of containment or maintenance work.

SureStart™ precommissioning chemistry 

SureStart™ precommissioning chemistry 

Effective cleaning, testing, drying and preservation for a quick and hassle free start up.


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