Advanced technologies mean better performance

GeoTech®, matrix, and steel-body bits drill further and faster through advancements in body materials, the latest PDC technology and optimized hydraulics, allowing operators to stay on schedule and on budget.


ROP improvement versus the field average


Hours saved versus offset wells


feet/hr ROP

How did the development of GeoTech HE™ begin?

Halliburton released GeoTech HE™, a robust drill bit that incorporates new features and materials to deliver enhanced performance.

How did the development of GeoTech HE™ begin?

Oman / May 2020

Operator achieves benchmark drilling performance

 See how customized GeoTech® fixed cutter bits helped one operator improve rate of penetration by 58%.

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GeoTech® HE™ drill bits increase efficiency, improve performance 

Combining powerful design and simulation tools with a global network of technical resources, the Design at the Customer Interface (DatCI™) service platform uses direct customer input to rapidly optimize each bit. 

Designed to resist erosion

Matrix body drill bits incorporate an advanced blend of copper and a selection of application-specific tungsten carbide powder materials for increased erosion resistance.

Stronger and more resilient bit body

Steel-body drill bits include a modified high-alloy material, which allow heat treatment properties to create a stronger and more resilient bit body.  

Advanced Customized Polycrystalline Diamond Compact Cutters


Our customized Juggernaut™ cutter technology is fueled by industry- leading automated dull grading performance characterization (Oculus™ big data analytics), true at-bit drilling environment insights (Cerebro® electronic data capture system), and a robust stage gate development process.