Improve drilling economics through solution optimization 

With various drilling applications around the world, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Our unique Design at the Customer Interface (DatCI) process considers that. Instead of centralizing design for drill bits, coring services, or downhole tools, Halliburton Drill Bits and Services employ highly trained Application Design Evaluation (ADE™) specialists in locations around the globe. This enables us to work directly with customers to design application-specific solutions.

These deployed specialists integrate local knowledge with some of the industry’s most powerful software, collaborating with customers to design drill bits and tools. Once the designs are complete, they are sent directly to manufacturing, where drill bits are rapidly produced with industry-best cycle times.

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Utilization of DatCI™ process enhances bit design

Performance record set by drilling 2,336 feet with a motor BHA, achieves an ROP of 267 ft/hr

Design at the Customer Interface (DatCI): drill bit designs customized and engineered for better performance

Designs customized and engineered for better performance

We execute our DatCI process hand-in-hand with operators to understand their challenges and provide customized solutions specifically designed to optimize their operations. The DatCI process comprises five steps below—each meticulously designed to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

Challenge Identification

We work with operators to identify specific challenges, define efficiency and performance goals, and evaluate offset data, mineralogy, directional objectives, and drilling fluids program.

Locally Optimized Solution

Our local experts design tailored solutions using advanced simulation software. They leverage their knowledge to maximize drilling efficiency and performance.

Superior Execution

We establish drilling parameters, expedite custom manufacturing, and deliver solutions to rig sites efficiently. Monitoring performance and collecting data are crucial during this phase.

Performance Analysis

We compare predicted performance with actual results, prepare case histories, perform field analytics, and capture lessons learned for continuous improvement.

Opportunity Identification

Collaborating with operators, we discuss future targets and challenges. Our goal is to continuously optimize efficiency and performance in subsequent cycles.



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