Find a customized solution to your drilling challenges 

Our Design at the Customer Interface (DaTCI℠) process combines application intelligence, local expertise, superior execution and business development to provide operators with customized drilling solutions for their specific needs. 

Customized drill bits engineered for better performance

We execute our DaTCI process hand-in-hand with operators to understand their challenges, with the goal of providing customized drill bit solutions specifically designed to optimized their operation. The process includes five steps, all designed to provide a better and more efficient solution. 

Application Intelligence 

Halliburton begins by working with operators to understand their unique challenges. Here, the team sets performance targets and considers information on lithology, directional targets and drilling fluids. 

Locally Optimized Solution 

Best in class simulation software provides local experts with the knowledge necessary to deliver an optimized solution.

Superior Execution

Halliburton manufactures a customized solution and delivers the equipment to the rig site. 

Performance Analysis

Halliburton closely monitors the drilling behavior and collects data to ensure that the predicted performance matches the actual results. The team uses this data to continuously improve the project’s performance.

Opportunity Identification 

Halliburton uses feedback from operators and performance data to redesign the next solution for the next optimization cycle.

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