Get better insights into reservoirs 

The EarthStar ultra-deep resistivity service is an innovative logging-while-drilling (LWD) technology that illuminates your reservoir by revealing reservoir formations and fluid boundaries up to 225 feet (68 meters) around the wellbore. It enables operators to position production boreholes accurately while mapping large volumes of the reservoir. EarthStar further enhances subsurface knowledge with the industry-first 3D inversion, a technology that provides a real-time visual of the geology and fluids in place in 3 dimensions for better placement decisions.

EarthStar® Ultra-Deep Resistivity Service

EarthStar® Ultra-Deep Resistivity Service Video

EarthStar® Ultra-Deep Resistivity Service

World Oil / May 2019

Applying LWD resistivity technology in a SAGD operation

Read how steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) operators mapped reservoir and fluid boundaries 200 feet from the wellbore.

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EarthStar® 3D Ultra-Deep Resistivity Service

Illuminate and map reservoir and fluid boundaries up to 225 feet (68m) from the wellbore.

EarthStar® 3D Ultra-Deep Resistivity Service
icon / September 2018

Clearer downhole picture emerges

Operators get reservoir insight before, during, and after the drilling operation 

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Offshore / May 2019

Resistivity service finds bypassed oil in North Sea

The EarthStar ultra-deep resistivity service increases pay zone by 50% in water-flooded reservoir 

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Get the highest depth of detection and place wells accurately the first time

The EarthStar ultra-deep resistivity service from Halliburton Sperry Drilling illuminates reservoirs, giving operators more information than ever before:
  • Geostopping: Reduce well time and cost-per-BOE by detecting target zones early and landing the production lateral in a single-run, eliminating costly pilot holes and sidetracks.
  • Geosteering: Drill to produce by placing the well in the sweet spot, avoiding unwanted reservoir exits and non-productive zones, making geosteering decisions early while drilling.
  • Geomapping: Enhance reservoir understanding by mapping while drilling formation boundaries and hydrocarbons in place and identifying bypassed pay and fluid movements, increasing production potential and maximizing field reserves.

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