Accelerated time to market for cost-effective solutions to bridge the gap between discovery and profitable production

Installed as either simple process modules or whole plants, Haliburton Early Production Facilities allow operators—onshore and offshore—to quickly analyze information for future field development, infrastructure design, and further asset optimization while generating instant cash flow to support green field development plans and de-bottlenecking brown fields to maximize the return on their assets.

Case Study: Southern Nigeria

Early Production Facility in Southern Nigeria Fast Tracks Production

Operator cash flow increases from a remote swamp in the Niger Delta.

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Our Solutions

From engineering, procurement, logistics, QA/QC/HSE to installation, construction, commissioning, operations, and maintenance, Halliburton provides global consultation from the time an installation startup is requested, providing:

  • Turnkey modular plug-and-play systems
  • Oil and gas conditioning
  • Produced water treatment
  • Custody transfer
  • H2S treatment
  • Zero flaring
  • Power generation
  • Flare gas valorization
  • Engineering and project management services

Who Benefits?

For more than 40 years, Halliburton’s Early Production Facilities have benefited a variety of customers globally.

  • Small, independent operators drilling fewer wells annually with limited capital in need of early revenue for further development.
  • NOCs and IOCs with marginal fields where a large facility is not cost-effective.
  • Owners of mature fields with depleted wellhead pressure requiring alternative enhanced oil recovery methods for additional facilities at the surface.

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