Specific Challenge

Maximize reservior contact in 5,226-foot (1,593-meter) lateral well


Onshore Mexico



  • Provide rapid installation of a low-cost EPF, while the operator was awaiting approval to install a permanent production plant 
  • Reduce the client’s timeline to receive first oil 
  • Support further production stages, avoiding shutdowns in between these stages


Provide engineering expertise, project management, and implementation of EPF, including: 

  • Onsite assessment of client needs 
  • Flexible plant layout for multiple production stages and future growth 
  • Extended well testing (EWT) package to support this new well and additional upcoming wells in the same production cluster 
  • Existing equipment mobilization and installation 
  • Operations, logistics, and maintenance plan


  • Accelerated time to first oil with a fast-track, seven-day installation of a modular EPF 
  • Delivered flexible, scalable designs for multiple production stages and future growth 
  • EPF has operated trouble free for four years, with no NPT or HSE incidents


An oil and gas producer had a pressing production commitment for its newest, biggest discovery onshore Mexico. However, there was a delay in obtaining approval to install a permanent production plant in the location (with an expected wait time of three months until first oil). Facing a minimal timeline to receive first oil, the producer decided to use a temporary early production facility (EPF), which could support the next production stage without any interruption. 

A Halliburton EPF team traveled to the well site to listen and learn about the client’s requirements and, understanding the urgency, responded with a proposed solution that very same day. A modular EPF approach leveraging existing equipment was recommended to handle the immediate capacity of 2,000 BPD/12 MMscf for the new well. Additionally, a second temporary facility was designed with upscaling flexibility to potentially handle a total capacity of 6,000 BPD/30.5 MMscf for other wells in the production cluster. The initial three-month interim processing need was successfully met in full compliance with health, safety, and environmental (HSE) regulations. The same EPF has continued to provide excellent performance at this location, with zero non-productive time (NPT) in a four-year period.

Solution: Halliburton team provides fast-track EPF project 

Due to the fast-track nature of the project, the producer’s top management relied on its already close alliance with Halliburton and did not allow the entry of any competitors. As soon as the Halliburton EPF team received job approval, it began the process of equipment selection from what was available to cover both production stages and then proceeded to complete installation in only seven days. Working with a competent operations team at the site helped achieve this quick turnaround, as did proper project management oversight, from planning to engineering, to logistics and maintenance.


Day installation of modular EPF


Health, safety, and environmental (HSE) issues


Non-productive time (NPT)

Results: Operator monetizes asset ahead of permanent processing plant 

This temporary EPF solution enabled the client to accelerate the monetization of its new well, rather than waiting for a permanent processing plant to be approved and built. The keys to success were early identification of the need, along with the Halliburton EPF team’s quick response and close collaboration with the client. This EPF has experienced no NPT or HSE incidents since its implementation four years ago, as a result of the custom-tailored, engineered solution and selection of dependable assets that conformed to the physical plant. The fast delivery of the EPF, and its modular equipment, capacity for growth, and cost efficiency all exceeded the client’s expectations. 



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