Specific Challenge

Separate fluids and stabalize oil for export from the Aullador-I oil well


Santander Province



  • Deliver a fast-track EPF in order to separate fluids, burn gas, and export stabilized oil 
  • Reduce client timeline 
  • Process oil to meet sale conditions


Provide engineering expertise, project management, and implementation of EPF, including: 

  • Process flow design and plant layout 
  • Equipment mobilization and installation 
  • Operations and maintenance plan


  • Rapidly delivered customized EPF design with modular plant layout 
  • Conditioned production oil per customer requirements 
  • Optimized asset production, with continuous operation for four years with no NPT, accidents, or incidents
  • Exceeded quality standard for product deliverables to transportation by trucks


An oil and gas producer needed to efficiently separate fluids, securely burn gas, and stabilize oil for export via truck from the Aullador-I oil well, located in Colombia’s Santander province. Although there was no existing infrastructure in the area to support this production, existing processing equipment was available for quick setup of a standalone early production facility (EPF). A specialized Halliburton EPF team was commissioned to provide expertise in customized facility design and project management, ensuring asset optimization via proper installation, operation, and maintenance. This integrated solution fulfilled client requirements for producing high-quality oil in a timely and cost-effective manner, in addition to meeting local and international regulations. 

Solution: innovative modular EPF layout 

Halliburton EPF engineers configured and mobilized equipment in an innovative modular plant layout that was quick to install, permitting easy upgrades if capacity needs were to increase. With the help of engineering and project management teams, the EPF design was planned and equipped to successfully handle a processing capacity of 1,000 BPD and 5 MMscfd, with uninterrupted production. Putting in place a competent operational team and a maintenance program further ensured a smooth-running facility.


Total man-hours


bbls water produced


Non-productive time (NPT)

Summary of project accomplishments 

The following statistics reflect what was accomplished by the Aullador-1 EPF project in 1,655 days of operation: 

  • Total fluids – 388,105.47 bbls 
  • Net oil – 341,326.42 bbls 
  • Produced water – 41,804.22 bbls 
  • Gas – 6,697.81 Mscf 
  • Total man-hours – 133,628 hours 
  • Zero accidents and/or incidents 
  • Zero NPT

Performance excellence 

This EPF achieved fast-track, excellent performance thanks to the modular design, process flow, plant layout execution, and equipment mobilization, as well as to a competent operational crew and maintenance plan. The results exceeded the producer’s expectations of optimizing production and delivering high-quality, marketable oil (above standard, per documentation) with low capital investment in a temporary, standalone EPF. This Aullador-I EPF enabled the operator to experience continuous, uninterrupted service with no NPT, accidents, or incidents in over four years of operation.



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