Reservoir Monitor Tool 3-Detector (RMT-3D™) Tool

Find, analyze, and monitor to increase production

Production assurance is grounded in the understanding of formation properties, saturations, and fluid typing of the reservoirs in the well. This information is vital in maximizing production recovery of the well. Our 2⅛-in. Reservoir Monitor Tool 3-Detector™ (RMT-3D™) pulsed-neutron service solves for water, oil, and gas saturations in reservoirs using three independent measurements of sigma, carbon-oxygen, and SATG. We can uniquely solve your reservoir’s most complex saturation profiles and fluid types—all while eliminating phase-saturation interdependency.

Maximize secondary and enhanced oil recovery projects

Secondary and enhanced recovery projects need to be monitored to maximize production. The RMT-3D tool accurately measures oil, water, and gas saturations in mixed or unknown formation water salinities. In enhanced oil recovery projects, our unique method stems from our measurements that analyze the volumetric and chemical content of flood fluids and gases. This information is used in calculating accurate oil saturations. With this knowledge, informed decisions can be made to manage the field for greater recovery.

Analyze conventional and unconventional reservoirs

In conventional and unconventional reservoirs, our RMT-3D tool offers detailed knowledge about porosity, volumes, mineralogy, lithology, and water, oil, and gas saturations. This data is analyzed to create advanced solutions, providing information our customers need to improve recovery.


  • Water, oil, and gas saturation evaluation
  • Flood and EOR monitoring
  • Gas phases: – Natural gas – CO2 – Steam – Nitrogen – Air
  • KUTh spectral gamma ray
  • Elemental yields for mineralogy
  • Cased-hole porosities
  • Gravel pack evaluation
Dimensions and Ratings
Max Temp: 325°F (163°C)
Flasked: 400°F (204°C)
Max Press: 15,000 psi (103,400 Kpa)
Flasked: 18, 000 psi (124,105 Kpa)
Max OD: 2.125 in. (5.4 cm)
Flasked: 2.48 in. (6.3 cm)
Min Hole ID: 2.375 in. (6.03 cm)
Max Hole: 16.0 in. (40.6 cm)
Tool Length: 15.3 ft (4.66 m)
Tool with Telemetry: 24.7 ft (7.53 m)
Tool Weight: 86 lb (39 Kg)
Tool Weight w/ Telemetry: 146 lb (66 Kg)
Borehole Conditions
Borehole Type Open / Cased
Borehole Fluids Salt / Fresh / Oil / Air
Recommended Max Logging Speed(C/O) 3 ft/min (1.0 m/min)
Recommended Max Logging Speed (Sigma) 15 ft/min (4.75 m/min)
Tool Positioning Eccentralized

Reservoir Monitor Tool 3-Detector (RMT-3D™) Tool

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