DataSphere® Permanent Monitoring Suite

Encompassing the latest in cutting-edge downhole pressure, temperature, flow, and density sensing technology, the DataSphere® permanent monitoring suite seamlessly integrates Halliburton Intelligent Completions' set of permanent monitoring tools. The DataSphere architecture is designed for versatility and modularity, providing customized solutions with superior performance and enhanced reservoir monitoring capabilities.

With some of the best and most reliable downhole gauge, array, and wireless through-wellbore systems, the DataSphere permanent monitoring suite helps operators meet industry challenges associated with increased reservoir contact. Real-time downhole data is conveyed through our advanced surface systems, capable of remotely transmitting crucial wellbore information to operators. Ultimately, the DataSphere permanent monitoring suite allows operators to obtain long-term wellbore data and make informed decisions that can increase hydrocarbon recovery for the life of the well. 

DataSphere® Array System
The DataSphere® Array system is a reliable, permanent, multi-point reservoir monitoring system that provides distributed pressure and temperature sensing in single-zone and multi-zone land and subsea applications.
DataSphere® ERD™ Gauge
The DataSphere® ERD™ downhole gauge is a robust and reliable device that provides highly accurate real-time data on downhole conditions, so you can make more informed decisions and ultimately increase production for the life of the well.
DataSphere® FloStream™ Venturi Flow Meter
The FloStream flowmeter is designed specifically to meet the requirements of the well in relation to material selection and expected flow rates. FloSteam flowmeter system operation is based on the Venturi principle
DataSphere® LinX® Monitoring Systems
The DataSphere® LinX® monitoring system provides permanent behind casing monitoring of Annulus B or C to verify integrity or monitor in situ formation pressure.
DataSphere® Opsis® Permanent Downhole Gauge
Reliable, real-time monitoring of downhole conditions.
DataSphere® ROC™ Permanent Downhole Gauges
Halliburton's DataSphere® ROC™ permanent downhole gauges (PDGs) help increase productivity through the life of the well or reservoir by providing reliable, real-time permanent data about downhole conditions.
DataSphere® SmartLog™ Permanent Downhole Gauge
The DataSphere® SmartLog™ downhole gauge system provides reliable and economical downhole pressure, temperature and vibration measurements for optimized reservoir and production management.

DataSphere® Permanent Monitoring Systems

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