Accu-Pulse™ Incremental Positioning Module

Enhance Reservoir Management by Incrementally Controlling Produced or Injected Fluid Rates

Halliburton's Accu-Pulse™ incremental positioning module is a complementary control module that allows operators to control produced or injected fluid rates to the desired quantity by incrementally opening a multiple-position interval control valve (ICV).

The Accu-Pulse module works in tandem with either Halliburton's Digital Hydraulics™ or Direct Hydraulics downhole control systems, and with Halliburton WellDynamics’ HS-ICV multiple-position downhole control valve. It can be matched with an HS-ICV standard flow trim design (oil or gas) to optimize the system for a wide range of applications, such as gas injection or commingled production, or to an HS-ICV customizable flow trim design to meet specific operational requirements.

The Accu-Pulse module provides effective incremental control of an ICV in a range of applications, such as:

  • Internal gas lift
  • Waterflood
  • Gas injection
  • Commingled production


  • Enhance reservoir management through control of produced or injected fluids
  • Accurately estimate and allocate flow
  • Avoid reservoir drawdown
  • Ensure a high level of well control for internal gas lift, Waterflood and commingled flow


  • Hydraulic, incremental control
  • Ability to close valve from any position in one press cycle
  • Provides up to 11 discrete positions with appropriate ICV

Accu-Pulse™ Incremental Positioning Module

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Summary Summary First intelligent completion in UAE field maximizes production and alleviates infrastructure constraints
This was the first intelligent completion in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) offshore field. The client was evaluating the technology and its economic benefits and how it could alleviate some of the infrastructure constraints, like limitation of well slots that it faced with offshore platforms.
Summary Summary Accu-Pulse™ Incremental Positioning Module
The Accu-Pulse incremental positioning module provides incremental opening of a multiple-position interval control valve (ICV) allowing operators to control produced or injected fluid rates, greatly enhancing reservoir management capabilities.
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