Fluid Sampling

Halliburton delivers advanced capabilities for performing reservoir fluids sampling services, routine laboratory services, and unconventional pressure/volume/temperature (PVT) analysis. Physical properties and chemical composition of reservoir fluids play a crucial role in all aspects of petroleum and reservoir engineering. Accurate sampling and analysis techniques provide critical input to reservoir simulation models and help to optimize processing facility designs while boosting the profitability of an oil or gas field.

Services include:

  • ARMADA® tubing conveyed bottomhole sampling in 5” and 7” versions triggered by applied annulus pressure or acoustic telemetry
  • ARMADA® slickline and E-line conveyed bottomhole sampling services
  • Conventional surface separator PVT sampling
  • Surface Separator Isokinetic sampling for gas/condensate wells
  • Field transfer services of Wireline Formation Testers including fluid sample validation
  • Provision of pressurized and atmospheric sample cylinders with a range of inert coatings
  • On-site chemistry services such as H2S, CO2, Radon, Hg in gas and water analysis
  • PVT analysis, both onsite as well as offsite in specific locations through SGS (Alliance partner)

Sampling and Analytical Services - Complete Document

Armada® Sampling System
The Armada® sampling system is Halliburton’s next-generation fluid sampling solution designed for cased-hole environments ranging from normal to heavy/viscous to hostile.

Fluid Sampling

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Summary Summary A State-of-the-art Cased-Hole Tubing Conveyed Reservoir Fluid Sampling System for HPHT Applications.
The capture and analysis of a representative reservoir fluid sample is a crucial part of any exploratory program. A detailed analysis of the collected sample provides invaluable information to reservoir and facility engineers with regards to field and platform development.
Summary Summary Armada Sampling System
Halliburton’s innovative tubing conveyed carrier for single phase downhole sampling
Summary Summary Armada® SPS-A Sampler Transport Cases
Armada® SPS-A sampler transport cases (DOT approved) is a system that has been designed to facilitate transportation of the Armada sampler containing a collected sample.
Summary Summary RezConnect™ Well Testing System Brochure
The RezConnect™ Well Testing System is the industry’s FIRST fully acoustically actuated Drill Stem Test (DST) system powered by Halliburton’s proven DynaLink® Telemetry System.
Summary Summary Armada® Sampling System
Halliburton’s innovative tubing-conveyed carrier for single-phase downhole sampling
Summary Summary TRACE DynaGauge™
The TRACE DynaGauge™ is the industry’s first tool that provides real-time knowledge that representative reservoir fluid samples have been collected while the samplers are still downhole.
Summary Summary SPS-15 Downhole Sampler
The SPS-15 sampler is manufactured to operate in normal or hostile cased hole environments. The sampler utilizes a triggering section, a positive displacement sample chamber and a nitrogen section to ensure that the reservoir fluids captured in the sample chamber never fall below reservoir pressure.
Summary Summary Armada® SPS-A Single-Phase Sampler
Downhole collection of reservoir fluid samples for pressure-volume-temperature (PVT) analysis
Summary Summary Dual Phase Sampler Cylinder
Dual Phase Sampler Cylinders are primarily used for collecting separator samples and non-asphaltenic reservoir fluids.
Summary Summary Field Transfer Bench
The field transfer bench is designed to transfer dual or single phase samples into transport bottles.
Summary Summary Armada Slickline Single Phase Sampler
The Armada Slickline Single-Phase Sampler (SPS-ASL) represents the latest in slickline-conveyed sampling equipment offered by Halliburton. SPS-ASL assemblies can be composed of an activation section, one or two nitrogen sections, and one or two SPS-A samplers.
Summary Summary Single Phase Sampler Cylinder
The Single Phase Sampler Cylinders are used for collecting and storing samples that need to be maintained in a single-phase condition throughout the transfer, transport and long term storage life cycle of the sample.
Summary Summary Collect Accurate HP/HT Reservoir Samples - Hart's E&P Nov 2007
Armada Sampling System - Pipe-deployed sampling system designed for cased-hole applications with extended HP/HT exposure is an ideal sampling option where wire in the hole is problematic or unacceptable.
Summary Summary Fluid Sampling and Analysis
Accurate fluid sampling and analysis are keys to optimizing the profitability of an oil or gas field. Halliburton specializes in reservoir fluids sampling, using state-of-the-art tools and techniques to deliver safe, reliable, and accurate sampling and analysis results.
Summary Summary Armada® Sampling System
The Armada® sampling system is Halliburton’s next-generation fluid sampling solution designed for cased-hole environments ranging from normal to heavy/viscous to hostile.
Summary Summary Fluid Sampling
Halliburton Energy Services, Westport Technology Center and Petrotech have established an alliance that brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and capabilities
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