Flexible access to critical and accurate real-time data

The DynaLink® telemetry system provides real-time bi-directional communication to deliver consistent reservoir insight and is the conduit for all communication of data from sensors and control of downhole tools.


Successful Drill Stem Test in HPHT Well Saves Operator ~$150,000

Wireless DynaLink X and Armada® sampling system provided uninterrupted bottom-hole data transmission and successful sample transfer to surface.

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Efficient and effective data acquisition

  • Flexible access to critical and accurate real-time data pertinent to the reservoir evaluation, enabling well-timed decisions regarding drill stem testing and future sand control or stimulation applications
  • Simple modular design reduces operational complexity
  • For pressure and temperature monitoring, a dual memory gauge enables redundancy capability.
  • Interfaces with pressure/temperature gauges, PVT samplers, production logging sensors, tubing conveyed perforating (TCP) firing heads, and downhole tool actuators


  • Drill stem testing
  • Pressure and temperature monitoring
  • Sand control
  • PVT sampling
  • Stimulation
  • Barrier verification 

JPT - August 2015

Acoustic wireless telemetry reduces uncertainty in deepwater DST

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DynaLink® Telemetry System

DynaLink® Telemetry System

The DynaLink system enables the simultaneous acquisition of real-time data from gauges located at different multiple depth positions in the tool string.

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