Here you will find simple tutorials and explanations of some of the types of well test installations and procedures that can be performed using the SPIDR® well testing system.

Select an option below to get a description of the test procedure, a list of well or reservoir objectives that can be determined by performing the test, as well the proper configuration of the SPIDR® system to accomplish the test.

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Summary Summary Build-Up Testing
The primary purpose of performing a build-up test is to determine the wellbore damage (skin) and the reservoir permeability
Summary Summary Drawdown Testing
The objectives of a drawdown test are to determine skin, perm and the distances to the reservoir's boundaries.
Summary Summary Modified Isochronal Testing
The purpose of performing an isochronal test is to determine the rate dependent skin.
Summary Summary SPIDR® system Installation
SPIDR® system installation takes just minutes
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