Rental Information

Compared to conventional downhole testing, renting a 10 pound SPIDR® kit is utterly simple: no service company trucks, no technicians, no lubricators.

Just call us with where you want the kit delivered, and we will FedEx a package containing a complete test kit, instructions and a return shipping label. Requests received before 5:00PM CST can be delivered to most sites before noon the following business day. When the test is over, just put the SPIDR® unit in the carton and ship it back to us.

Rental Rates

The SPIDR® well testing system is available for rental at a daily or monthly rate. Included in the SPIDR® rental are all fittings necessary to connect the SPIDR® to your well. Communications software can be included upon request. Rental charges do not begin until the programmed start date of the well test, and end when the unit is picked up by Federal Express.

Halliburton personnel are available for installation and operation of the SPIDR® during the test. However, one of the greatest advantages to the SPIDR® system is that it can be operated by any field personnel, dramatically reducing cost

Also available for rental are the following external transducers, which can be connected to the SPIDR®:

  • Turbine meter pickup cable – for capturing injection rate
  • Differential pressure cell - for capturing gas rate
  • External pressure cell - for capturing additional pressure data
  • Temperature probe - for capturing temperature

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