SPIDR® Advantages

The results obtained from the SPIDR® system are equal to or superior to those from testing with downhole gauges, without the many risks and costs of downhole testing.

You can test almost any gas well for a fraction of the cost of a conventional downhole test.

Improved Accuracy

The accuracy of the SPIDR® system is obtained from its internal dual quartz pressure transducer, a shear mode, quartz crystal resonator whose frequency changes with pressure. This transducer is extremely rugged, accurate and repeatable, making it well suited for oilfield applications. The transducer utilizes a second quartz crystal for temperature compensation ensuring the pressure data is unaffected by temperature changes in the well and its surroundings.

The SPIDR® system is installed at the surface eliminating the stresses on the transducer induced by the trip downhole during traditional downhole gauge runs. Accuracy of the surface transducer can be verified before, during, and after each test. Digital data eliminates errors in reading mechanical pressure-bomb recorders.


Because no tools are run downhole, there is no risk of blowout or loss of seal, no risk of losing tools downhole, and no risk of well loss or damage as a result of tools lost in the hole.

Personnel Safety

Since no wellbore intervention is needed with the SPIDR® system, there is almost no danger from hydrogen sulfide leaks or high pressures.


Test data can be reviewed during testing without interrupting data acquisition. Data can be recorded continuously for up to two years, depending on sample frequency. Power is provided by 3 D-cell batteries and will last the entirety of your test.

No Downhole Limitations

Testing horizontal and highly deviated wells with the SPIDR® system eliminates the risks associated with downhole tools. It also easy to test wells with high bottomhole temperatures or wells that have "corkscrewed" or restricted tubing.


A SPIDR can be shipped within hours of receipt of order, delivered anywhere in the world in 3 days or less, installed in minutes, and downloaded in seconds.


Using the SPIDR® system eliminates the cost of wireline crews and equipment. The portability of the SPIDR® system also allows for easy transportation and mobility to, from, and between wells. Quick shipment, installation, testing, and real-time access to test information eliminates unnecessary downtime.

The SPIDR® system allows pressure testing without the risk and at a fraction of the cost of downhole equipment.