GeoTech® Drill Bits

The next generation of PDC bits

Geotech® Drill Bits

GeoTech® matrix- and steel-body bits are the next generation of PDC bits, with each design truly optimized to deliver a new level of performance in its given application.

Customized through a process that combines specific application experience with our best application science, GeoTech fixed cutter bits incorporate the very latest, most advanced bit technologies: improved matrix/binder materials, leading-edge PDC technology, and advanced CFD hydraulics optimization.

But more than that, GeoTech designs combine those innovative features through application-specific engineering that yields optimal performance in your application.

With newer, more sophisticated modeling capabilities than ever before, DatCI allows us to determine during the design phase, whether modifications will lead to actual performance improvement in a given application. That means GeoTech bits can be "virtually" verified and tested for optimal performance under specific operating conditions before ever being built.

GeoTech® HE Drill Bits for High Energy Applications

All facets of drilling have been challenged in recent years to reduce cost, and this means drilling wells further and faster. Advancements in rig equipment, rig operations, and drilling techniques have enabled operator’s to deliver significantly higher levels of energy to the drill bit. They can now effectively apply down hole much more aggressive operating parameters of weight on bit (WOB), torque on bit (TOB), and rotational speed (RPM).

These high energy applications have raised the bar on drill bit durability requirements that retain high levels of efficiency. The GeoTech HE product platform delivers just that, with state-of-the-art design, bit connection, body material, and cutting element.

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Summary Summary GeoTech™
Halliburton’s new GeoTech™ series of fixed cutter PDC bits blends design theory with practical application-specific knowledge to produce custom-engineered matrix and steel body bits for optimal efficiency and performance—delivering you a truly optimized bit design.
Summary Summary GeoTech® HE
GeoTech® HE has advanced materials and designs for improved performance in todays High Energy drilling applications.
Summary Summary GeoTech, TDReam, and XR Reamer Norway Case History
Case Study for GeoTech, XR Reamer, and TDReam
Summary Summary New GeoTech™ Fixed Cutter Drill Bit cuts further and faster with less wear in Williston Basin
GeoTech™ fixed cutter drill bit was introduced to the application , which reduced the cost per foot for drilling the interval from an offset high of $28.54 to only $20.10 per foot....
Summary Summary Geotech® Fixed Cutter Drill Bits
Geotech® matrix- and steel-body bits are the next generation of PDC bits.
Summary Summary Halliburton Introduces New Drill Bit for High Energy Applications
HOUSTON – September 18, 2017 – Halliburton (NYSE: HAL) today announced the release of GeoTech HE™, a robust drill bit that incorporates new features and materials to deliver enhanced performance and increased reliability in today’s high energy drilling systems characterized by very high weight-on-bit and drilling torque.
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