Cruzer™ Depth-of-Cut Rolling Element

Reduce torque for better economics and control

The Cruzer™ depth-of-cut rolling element is an enhancement feature available on Halliburton PDC fixed cutter drill bits. With its abrasion resistance, impact resistance, and thermal mechanical integrity, the proprietary PDC technology takes on the most challenging formations. When our Design at the Customer Interface team chooses to add the Cruzer, it reduces wear on the depth-of-cut element, keeping a consistent level throughout the bit run. Additionally, the rolling element minimizes the torque needed for the drilling process.


Cruzer™ depth-of-cut rolling element benefits

  • Lowers coefficient of friction, for low torque and low heat generation
  • Diamond and carbide keep the rolling element in place, minimizing wear
  • Small package size works for existing designs or new designs
  • Elements are repairable and replaceable for future runs

The Cruzer improves overall drilling economics, and is particularly effective in applications requiring more stabilized control of the directional drilling process.

This depth-of-cut rolling element brings you all the latest engineering advances from Halliburton research and development labs. Together, we can meet the challenges of your most complex environment.

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Cruzer™ Depth-of-Cut Rolling Element

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