Drill Bit Optimization

Drill Bit OptimizationEvery Halliburton drill bit is custom designed for its specific application. Our first-of-its-kind worldwide network of ADESM (Application Design Evaluation) specialists can be found in the geographic area of the customer’s drill site. They work closely with the customer on bit design, examining the local lithology, reviewing offset performance history, and syncing with the customer’s overall drilling plan/parameters.

High-end well planning software, such as SPARTA™, Direction by Design™, MaxDrill™, and iBitS™, analyze formation properties, define the application, and match bit design to the application. The software calculates drill bit efficiency in real time in relation to formation type and rock strength, and provides recommendations on drilling parameters, expected rate of penetration and projected bit wear.

Throughout the design stage, our specialists employ our Design at the Customer Interface (DatCISM) service network to allow us to deliver region-specific optimized drill bits.

Cerebro Force™ In-Bit Sensing
The Cerebro Force™ solution offers new in-bit sensing technology for a better understanding of downhole environment for optimal drilling efficiency.
Cerebro® In-Bit Sensor Package
Cerebro® in-bit sensors provide direct, in-bit measurements of vibration, and rotational speed and can detect all major drilling dysfunctions including: Axial and Lateral Vibration, Forward and Backward Whirl, Stick Slip and High Frequency Torsional Oscillations (HFTO).

Drill Bit Optimization

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