CleanWell® Vac Tech® Downhole Eductor System

Reverse circulating debris extraction system

The CleanWell® Vac Tech® provides an efficient downhole eductor system for debris removal. The power eductor head works off of convergent and divergent flow and does not rely on inefficiently dragging fluid around the OD of the tail pipe. The "loop flow" is induced internally and can be custom designed to help ensure terminal lifting velocities are achieved.

Features and Benefits

  • Proprietary eductor energy system
  • Extremely efficient fluid mechanics
  • Isolated to allow conventional or reverse circulation before activation
  • Ball trap can be used to help eliminate time required to drop activation ball
  • Eductor powerhead creates pressure differential drive
    • Helps eliminate long interval inefficiencies and limitations potentiall created by tailpipe
  • Optimized nozzle coefficient
  • Robust, industry-proven knockout screen
  • Adjustable debris chambers – collection volume
  • Filtering screen option for fine sands
  • Check valve debris retention system options
  • Ideal for post-perforation cleanouts or isolation plug retrieval runs
  • Modular system for safe, efficient debris management

CleanWell® Vac Tech® Downhole Eductor System

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