Swellpacker® Slip-On Isolation System

This unique slip-on packer retains a full length internal seal against the pipe. Once deployed, the rubber retains its flexibility, allowing the Swellpacker® system to adapt to shifts in the formation over time and to retain the integrity of the seal. Its self-healing properties make this a truly innovative technology for all zonal isolation applications.


  • Suitable for cased and open holes
  • Install on any non-upset basepipe
  • Robust construction
  • No moving parts


  • Maintains casing integrity
  • Protects sand screens from plugging
  • Helps reduce operational risk
  • Isolates producing zones more effectively
  • Helps reduce well cost and rig time

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Summary Summary Swell Technology: Primary Cementing's New Companion Sign in required
Over the years, service companies have introduced a variety of cementing materials and processes designed to increase both current performance and long term zonal isolation while attempting to balance the cost benefit ratio of the two. One of the more recent introductions appeared in 2002 when Swellpacker™ isolation systems were introduced to the marketplace.
Summary Summary Permanent Downhole Monitoring
Single or Multi-zone monitoring during stimulation and production operations
Summary Summary Openhole Isolation
Halliburton Openhole Isolation Systems include two product families — our ZoneGuard® openhole isolation packers and Swellpacker® isolation systems.
Summary Summary Completion Tools Overview
A Solutions Overview From the Global Leader in Completions
Summary Summary Swell Technology Systems for Well Construction
Enhance Well Integrity with Reliable Isolation Solutions
Summary Summary Distinctive Service Quality
Halliburton Completion Tools Distinctive Service Quality
Summary Summary Swellpacker Slip-On Isolation System
The Swellpacker® Slip-On isolation system provides effective zonal isolation with slip-on convenience.
Summary Summary SwellSim® Software
The Swellpacker simulator, SwellSim® software program, is used for selecting the most suitable Swellpacker WBM, Swellpacker OBM, Swellpacker HT, Swellpacker HP and Swellpacker cable design systems to meet specific customer requirements.
Summary Summary Swellpacker® Isolation System
The Swellpacker® isolation system is an innovation based on the swelling properties of rubber in hydrocarbons or water, or in both. It swells up to 200%, sealing the annulus around the pipe to achieve effective zonal isolation.
Summary Summary Swellpacker® Cable System
The Swellpacker® Cable system is a feed-through type packer using proven Swellpacker system technology. Based on the swelling properties of rubber in hydrocarbons or water, or in both, the Swellpacker Cable system swells up to 200%, sealing around the feed-through cables and the annulus around the pipe to achieve effective zonal isolation.
Summary Summary North America: Swellpacker System Eliminates Risks During Deepwater Tieback String Installation
A deepwater US Gulf of Mexico operator decided to run a 7 5/8-in. casing tieback string to sting into a polished bore receptacle (PBR) during well completion. The operator needed to isolate any tieback annular pressure from the surface while also anchoring the tieback string into the PBR. Anchoring the tieback into the PBR is required because of the temperature variations that occur during production operations. The liner had been cemented earlier during the well's drilling phase. The tieback casing was essential to the completion.
Summary Summary Swellpacker® Sleeve and Anchor Enables Well Abandonment
An operator in the North Sea was unable to permanently abandon a well due to the inability to access the main wellbore. Halliburton designed and manufactured a hold-open sleeve (HOS) to straddle the safety valve with integral no-go and Swellpacker® tool element designed to swell and anchor the sleeve in place.
Summary Summary Swellpacker® Systems Help Save $3 Million by Reducing Rig Time
Halliburton enables greater productivity in development wells, helping to decrease completion time by 10 days
Summary Summary RapidStage® 50+ system with AccessFrac® service shines in the Bakken
Dozens of applications using AccessFrac service have been successfully performed throughout the Rockies. In the Williston Basin, over 20 jobs performed with RapidStage 50+ sleeves and AccessFrac stimulation services in the past six months have resulted in a minimum of 30% sustained production improvement.
Summary Summary Versatile Completion Results in 72% GOR Reduction Without Affecting Oil Production
Halliburton Delivers the Most Reliable, Cost-Effective Completion Over the Competition
Summary Summary North America:Isolate Water Zone in Extreme Dogleg Through Window Without Whipstock
A customer in North America drilled a horizontal well. The horizontal section exposed the well to a 70-ft water bearing interval in the heel. A zonal isolation method capable of entering a window without a whipstock and navigating high severity doglegs was needed for water shut off.
Summary Summary Swellpacker® system configuration helps increase production exponentially
30 stage openhole completion with three Swellpacker Slip-On systems per interval for a total of 90 located in the horizontal section of teh open hole.
Summary Summary Frac Sleeve DUC Well Completed 410 Days After Installation Shatters Local Record
New level of ball-drop efficiency achieved in Bakken shale play
Summary Summary North America: Swell Technology Systems Prevent Well Abandonment for Bakken Field Operator
Swell Technology Systems Prevent Well Abandonment
Summary Summary Swellpacker® Water Swelling System Provides Reliable Isolation in ESS Completion
A major operator in Malaysia was using conventional non-Halliburton swellable packers for zonal isolation in its middle completion. However, due to lack of sealing by the competitor’s packers, the operator was facing several challenges.
Summary Summary Norway: Top of Cement Isolation of Gas Zone on Subsea Field
In one of the major subsea producing fields in the North Sea, a hydrocarbon (HC) zone was identified. The operator’s primary challenge was to isolate this HC zone without cementing all the way into the previous casing shoe, which could potentially cause trapped pressure due to temperature cycling and collapse of the previous casing.
Summary Summary Asia: Swellpacker System and Gravel Pack Enable Zonal Isolation in OH SmartWell Completion
A major oil and gas operator in southeast Asia required good zonal isolation of a multilayered, unconsolidated, stacked reservoir possessing several oil, water, and gas zones. The unique trajectory of the horizontal wellbore made access to mechanical flow control devices costly and problematic, therefore making it necessary to remotely control or shut off the production from multiple zones in the advent of unwanted gas or water production. The use of gravel packing techniques and sand screens were selected as the preferred method of sand control for the single, horizontal section that includes three to five zones. A series of external annular barriers to limit or eliminate zonal crossflow was a requirement while ensuring that the gravel pack of the entire zone was not negatively impacted.
Summary Summary Modified Swellpacker® Isolation System Helps Operator Simplify Workover Operations
Halliburton helps operator re-complete well while saving time and money
Summary Summary Swellpacker® Systems Change Well Behavior and Increase Production by 2,000 BPD
Cementing alternative helped prevent formation damage and increase production
Summary Summary Combining Cement and Swell Technology Results in Effective Well Control and Reliable Zonal Isolation Behind Casing
Summary Summary Gulf of Mexico:Swellpacker® System Provides Isolation of Liner Top
A major operator in the Gulf of Mexico needed to set a liner in a parent casing with a very small clearance. Halliburton was able to save the operator over $2 million
Summary Summary North America:Subsea Surface Casing - Shallow Water Shutoff
an operator discovered water migration to the sea bed. The water-bearing zone caused isolation failure around the 18.7-in. casing, allowing free water leak to seabed.
Summary Summary RapidSuite® Multistage Fracturing Completion Systems Activate Almost Two Years after Installation
100% zonal isolation achieved in 17 satges
Summary Summary 12 Swellpacker® Systems Run Successfully in Long Horizontal Well with Severe Dog Legs
Packers run to 5,700 meters inside the horizontal openhole section without any problems
Summary Summary Europe: Use of Swellpacker OBM System Behind Casing Helps Ensure TOC Zonal Isolation
A major operator was experiencing poor cement jobs on many of its 13 3/8-in. casings in a field being developed in the Caspian Sea area. The planned top of cement (TOC) for the 13 3/8-in. casing was inside the 16-in. liner. However, the presence of a low-pressure zone in the open hole below the 16-in. shoe often led to cement losses and an inability to place cement entirely into the casing above.
Summary Summary Latin America: Use of Swellpacker® Systems Achieves High Production
Effective use of Swellpacker® systems achieves high production, saves time and reduces costs for Mexico operator
Summary Summary Norway: Swellpacker® systems provide isolation for multi-zone completion
An operator planning a deep sidetrack from the mother bore faced the challenge of exiting the 10 3/4-in. liner in the reservoir beyond the challenges of standard multilateral wells:
Summary Summary Swellable Packer Solves Casing Challenge, Successfully Sealing and Anchoring Tieback Liner
Swellpacker® System Seals and Sustains 113 Tons of Force
Summary Summary Norway: Shallow Gas Isolation - Exploration Well
Shallow gas was experienced during pilot hole drilling of a subsea exploration well in the North Sea. The operator chose to use Swell Technology™ systems combined with the conventional cementing methods.
Summary Summary Swellpacker® system is used as an anchor to provide torque for liner hanger running tool
A major customer operating in the Norwegian Continental Shelf planned to utilize a traditional completion method on their well. The method required 4 ½-in. tubing hanging inside the 7-in. parent liner with a screen section in the 6-in. hole.
Summary Summary Award-Winning Halliburton Technologies Combine to Provide Enhanced Wellbore Insight
Unique Packer and Sleeve Solution Enables Record-Setting Success
Summary Summary Openhole Isolation Testing Facilities
In order to support the research and development efforts required for product development, Halliburton has invested in laboratory facilities in Singapore and in the United States. This document gives a brief overview of the facilities and the testing capacity for each of them, as well as additional support for testing in extreme conditions.
Summary Summary Life-of-Well Floating Equipment
Swell Technology systems and life-of-well floating equipment provide safe and reliable zonal isolation.
Summary Summary Swellpacker® Zonal Isolation System
The Swellpacker® swellable elastomer zonal isolation system is a packer based on the swelling properties of rubber in hydrocarbon.
Summary Summary Swell Technology
Swell Technology is based on the swelling properties of elastomers. The swelling process creates effective seals in both open and cased hole applications.
Summary Summary Swellpacker® Cable System
The Swellpacker® swellable elastomer cable system enables the passage of single or multiple control lines or flat packs through the packer without the need to cut and splice the cables.
Summary Summary Swellpacker® Slip-on Isolation System
Based on the swelling properties of rubber in hydrocarbons and/or water, swelling up to 200% to seal the annulus around the pipe for effective zonal isolation.
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