OptiCem™ Software

Wellbore simulation program for all cementing jobs

OptiCem™ software calculates real-time equivalent circulating densities (ECDs) using actual job volumes, rates and fluid densities. Using the software, operators can obtain more realistic simulator and rheology models.

OptiCem software compares planned data with actual job data, giving operators the information they need to adjust the original displacement schedule, monitor the location of the fluids during the job, and generate a detailed post-job report. Using the optional OptiCem RT™ (RealTime) module, operators can simulate jobs while they are being completed — and adjust displacement rates and pump speeds for optimum results.

OptiCem software features include:

  • Integrated wellbore simulation program for all types of cementing
  • Integrated and flexible units of measurement
  • Three-dimensional display of wellbore configuration
  • Versatile design flexibility accommodates all centralizers (including non-Halliburton centralizers) with any combination of pipe size and hole size
  • Dynamic modeling with minimum data entry
  • Complete flexibility in fluid selection
  • Automatic entry of fluid characteristics (using data from Halliburton’s extensive laboratory rheology database)
  • Choice of fluid placement based on volume, top of fluid, length, number of sacks, and other indices.
  • Viscosity profiles based on temperature (for more accurate simulation)
  • Wellbore temperature profile (simple or complex)
  • Integrated gas-flow potential calculations to help prevent gas channeling while cement sets
  • Dynamic Fluid Position graphic that replays the simulation by time and depth
  • Equivalent Circulating Density and Pump Rate plots for two zones of interest (fracture zone and reservoir zone)
  • Wellhead pressure graphs that include effects of "surface iron" that relate directly to pump pressure
  • Freefall Calculations table showing predicted surface and bottom-hole pressures
  • OptiCem RT (optional module) uses on-site data captured by DataWin software to run simulation with the well's actual data in real timewhile cementing is being completed!

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OptiCemâ„¢ Software

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