Enhance auto-fill float equipment benefits

Running casing in the well at efficient speeds can result in induced surge pressure that can lead to formation damage and wellbore integrity loss. In liner and offshore operations, this is critical since pipe speed can generate excessive fluid frictional pressure loss through the length of the landing string.

Proper management of pipe run in hole (RIH) speed can help reduce surge pressure. However, this can increase the time necessary to reach the casing's final depth. Auto-fill float equipment is an effective solution to overcome induced surge pressure because it allows flow into the casing through fully opened valves without creating a significant pressure drop as it is RIH.

The SuperFill™ II diverter tool is installed above the casing/liner hanger running tool to redirect fluid flow from the landing string to the annulus, enhancing auto-fill float equipment benefits and reducing induced surge pressure.

Best Deepwater Technology - Finalist

2023 Gulf Energy Excellence Award Finalist

The SuperFill II diverter tool enhances auto-fill float equipment benefits and significantly reduces induced surge pressure on the formation. The closing confirmation sub can run in conjunction with the SuperFill II diverter to confirm that the ports in the diverter tool are closed before cement operations begin.

SuperFill™ II Diverter

SuperFill™ II Diverter

Innovative glass seat technology in float equipment delivers fullbore access

The deactivation mechanism of conventional diverters can create restrictions to the tool's inner diameter that limit the use of certain subsurface plug and liner hanger systems. Unlike conventional diverters, the Halliburton SuperFill II glass seat diverter imposes no restrictions.

As part of its closing mechanism, the SuperFill II diverter features a glass ball seat installed to the closing sleeve. Pressure applied to the seated ball causes the retaining pins to shear and the sleeve to close communication from the inside out. Increased pressure causes the seat to disintegrate into fine, sand-like particles that flow down the pipe with the ball after tool closure. The innovative glass seat, however, leaves no debris after deactivation for fullbore access. This feature increases the compatibility of the tool with subsurface-released plug systems. It also increases compatibility with other downhole tools where use is limited with conventional diverters because of the ID restrictions that expandable metal seats impose.

SuperFill™ II glass seat diverter

SuperFill™ II glass seat diverter

Single-body diverter tool design

The SuperFill II glass seat diverter features a single-body design that leaves no weak spots in the landing string. Unlike assembled designs that can present potential leak paths and string rotation limitations, the single mandrel design is more robust and does not limit torque and tension applications.

Large diverting port area improves casing run efficiency

Large ports in the SuperFill II glass seat diverter provide an open bypass area for auto-fill wellbore fluid to divert from inside the landing string out to the annulus, right above the casing/liner hanger. This feature significantly reduces the surge effect on the formation.

Complete string of compatible surge pressure reduction tools

Halliburton SuperFill™ float equipment and the closing confirmation sub complete the surge-reduction system in casing/liner hanger applications. The design of the SuperFill family of float equipment helps reduce the effects of surge pressure while the casing is run in a tight annular clearance or wells with narrow margins between the fracture gradient and pore pressure. The design of the closing confirmation sub allows it to run in conjunction with, and a couple of stands below, the SuperFill II diverter. This confirms that the ports in the diverter tool are closed before cement operations begin.

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