Superior sealing performance

Each wellbore presents a unique set of challenges for achieving effective zonal isolation. The Obex family of compression-set casing annulus packers can address a range of complex wellbore conditions, providing effective mechanical barriers to prevent sustained casing pressure, reach top of cement (TOC), and maximize production. 

Reliability by design

The Obex Packer Family - Obex™ GasLock™, Obex™  IsoLock™,  Obex™  EcoLock™ 

  • Hydromechanical setting method
    An internal ratchet mechanism locks the compression element every 0.060” of set, resulting in zero weak points in the packoff, which can thereby mitigate sustained casing pressure. Because the packer is mechanically set and not inflated, it can exceed casing burst and collapse ratings, offering increased dependability.
  • Drive-Pin setting system
    Internal casing pressure acting on a plug seat transfers the setting load to the packer elements rather than relying on narrow hydraulic channels that can pack off in high density fluids. By eliminating the risk of unreliable rupture discs from the setting operation, premature disc rupture in wells with losses is removed, which would traditionally prevent the packer from fully setting.
  • Element seal engineered for performance
    Propped packer elements are compressed between backup shoes and a unique spacer. These elements remain energized by the internal ratchet mechanism to deliver an effective seal for the life of the well, offering improved reliability over inflatable and expandable alternatives that can fail to maintain a seal over time.
Obex GasLock
Obex GasLock

Obex GasLock

A V0-rated, gas-tight barrier, the Obex GasLock casing annulus packer utilizes a bidirectional slip design that prevents casing movement in non-cemented applications.

  • 60+ HRC tooth hardness can anchor in any casing grade up to 425,000 lbs.
  • Designed for deep, hot wells with high differential pressures
  • Supports multiple-stage cementing when run with the V0-rated ES II™ HD stage cementer
  • Up to 10,000 psi rating

Obex IsoLock

Providing a mechanical barrier that bridges the cost and capability gap between an inflatable packer/cementer and a premium gas-tight packer and cementer run in tandem, the Obex IsoLock offers V3-rated isolation assurance against fluid migration.

  • Bidirectional packer element rating up to 6,000 psi
  • ISO 14310 and 19AC V3-rated
  • Supports multiple-stage cementing with an integral stage cementer

Obex IsoLock
Obex IsoLock
Obex EcoLock
Obex EcoLock

Obex EcoLock

Offering improved reliability over inflatable packer options, the Obex EcoLock provides effective zonal isolation in less demanding environments. This casing annulus packer operates with an optional integral stage cementer to support multiple-stage cementing and provide increased life of well integrity.

Hydromechanical setting method for exceptional reliability

Using an internal ratchet mechanism to lock the compression element after it is set results in zero weak points in the packoff, which can thereby mitigate sustained casing pressure.

Isolation assurance with the Obex IsoLock Packer Collar

Isolation assurance with the Obex IsoLock Packer Collar

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