SEM-7™ Emulsifier

Cementing applications use SEM-7™ emulsifier in chemical washes and spacers that come into contact with oil-based mud (OBM). Formulations for OBM containing 1 gal/bbl of SEM-7 emulsifier, 0.5 gal/bbl of Musol® A solvent, and 0.1 to 0.2 gal/bbl of Dual Spacer™ B Surfactant act as a degreaser and leave both the formation and the pipe in a water-wet condition.  SEM-7 emulsifier also is used as a foamer in foam fracturing applications that include carbon dioxide or nitrogen.

The greatest benefit of SEM-7 emulsifier is its capability to leave formations and proppant water-wet, thus promoting the ability of oil to flow. In addition, SEM-7 emulsifier will emulsify in almost any type of water that can be gelled, including brines. SEM-7 emulsifier can be chemically broken or allowed to break by adsorption. SEM-7 emulsifier also provides stability at high temperatures.

SEM-7â„¢ Emulsifier

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